Gunslinger Stratos shooter going to release on consoles and PC – review

Square enix and studio Byking going to announce the release of an arcade action movie Gunslinger stratos on consoles and PCs. So far, the supported platforms have not been named, and other details will be announced only at the beginning of 2023.

The news shared Nobuki Kadoy, producer of Gunslinger Stratos, on the series’ official website. He did this just before retiring. So the developers will be releasing the “home” version of Gunslinger Stratos for the first time without their unchanged, since 2012, leader.

Gunslinger Stratos games are currently only available on arcade machines. But there they are so popular that, based on the series, they released the anime series “Sky shooter“(Or” Sky shooters “) and manga.

The game takes place in an alternative universe in which Japan split into two warring worlds. In prosperous, secure settlements of the empire, totalitarianism reigns and there are no civil liberties. But on the front of freedom in bulk, but for someone else’s life they do not give a penny.

Events turn around so that both worlds come into confrontation, and only one of them can survive. To guarantee victory, both sides send their agents into the past to change history by erasing their opponents in the bud.

In 2015, Square Enix tried to release an online action movie on PC Gunslinger stratos reloaded. However, a year later announced its closure.