Guitar Hero fan played an “impossible” April Fools’ joke – Igromania

In 2011, the creators Guitar Hero published an April fool’s joke: track Soulless 6, which was deliberately made so difficult that absolutely all players considered it impossible to execute. But CarnyJared, a streamer and fan of the Guitar Hero series, disagreed.

CarnyJared started practicing the track last August. He repeatedly published notes in which he passed it to the end, but at a maximum of 99%. And now he managed to play Soulless 6 live, and without a single mistake: he became the first in the world who performed the “impossible” track 100%.

Before CarnyJared, no one was able to cope with this task. Videos with one hundred percent passage of Soulless 6 appeared on the network several times, but they all turned out to be fakes or practical jokes. In this case, there is no doubt: everything happened in front of many spectators.

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