GTA V teaches real cars correct riding

Many companies, from Ford to Waymo (owned by Alphabet, better known as Google) promised to release the first commercial version of the car with the autopilot after 3 years.

Technology already perfected, but there is another problem: to physically do not have time to create a vast library of real driving experience, which can be downloaded in electronic machines brains.

And here comes to the aid of Grand Theft Auto V: is the same game that is always criticized for excessive violence and cynicism, is now moving science and technology forward. GTA And helps in those situations, which can be called a full-time, and extreme at the same time.

For example, with a truck at full speed falls mattress – as in this case, will shy away sedan without a driver? Of course, it is better to test in a virtual environment than relieving mattress in real life.

In simulations never ends gasoline. For example, Waymo by Google “rides” 3 million miles in a single day. Deadlines are approaching, and manufacturers can not do without the virtual experience.

“Relying only on data from the ordinary roads is not practical,” – says David Bechet, who heads the startup Nio, planning to start selling electric car in the US autonomous in 2022.

“This simulator allows you to scroll through the same scenario of tens of thousands of times in a few minutes” – It emphasizes businessman.

Artificial intelligence is learning self-behavior in an unpredictable environment with the help of games for quite some time. True, the first “books” were quite primitive – Angry Birds and Mario. Through trial and error, much has been achieved. AI now “grown up” and moved on to a new level – GTA V.

In 2016, scientists of the Darmstadt University of Technology in collaboration with Intel Labs have developed a technology extract useful visual information from Grand Theft Auto V.

The scientists admit immortal hit Rockstar Games in terms of traffic flow simulation is already very close to the reality. 262 kinds of vehicles, more than 1,000 types of unpredictable pedestrians and animals, 14 species of weather conditions – and a sea crossings, traffic lights, overpasses, bridges and tunnels.

Scientists had to sift through such things as robbery, corpses, gangs, etc., but in the rest of GTA V gives a very correct traffic information. “Fashion” for the scientific and technical work is made from a single campaign: GTA Online with its constant madness and fighter flying just above the highway, not suitable for such a serious purpose.

Of course, the side streets and highways of the fictitious Los Santos yet been able to become a wholly substitute for the real asphalt. However, GTA V “is the richest virtual environment from which we can extract the data,” – said Alan Kornhauser, a professor at Princeton University, engaged in the creation of an autonomous vehicle in the framework of Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering.

By the way, GTA V – not only game, driving the science forward. Gmbox already talked about how EVE Online contributes to the development of human knowledge , and on the micro and macro levels.

Space MMO simultaneously studying the body’s cells (quite real, not fake) and distant exoplanet potentially habitable. In Borderlands 3 developers also plan to integrate a real research program.

In general, the collective human mind in combination with mathematical powers the networked suitable not only for personal gain (eg for Bitcoin mining), but for all of that’s useful things.