GTA is not for museums as sources of funding affect the indie games

Can games be separate from the consumer, in a kind of elitist vacuum, as art for art’s sake? . Specifying the pathetic question, Perry himself at him and answered – in the negative.

Games are created by people of flesh and blood, for the same people of flesh and blood, and to play them will be here in the “physical” world, not in some Ideally existence.

Descending from heaven to earth, the indie front fighter sets a much more pressing question: times videogames operate in full accordance with the laws of this world, where to get funding for their creation and then how to answer for the money?

Without liability can not do in this matter. Vic Perry says, has not yet determined the source of funding, not to mention the mechanics and other intricacies of the gameplay, but the basic idea of the game to work out in any case impossible. To substantiate his point of view, the indie developer cites three main sources of raising funds.

Commercial financing

Zdos all clear. Investors invested money should be at least “discourage” and ideally more, and give yourself at least a small margin. To spread the game is likely to be through Steam and the Humble Bundle, so it is bound to be competitive and really sold.

No magic formula for success, but at least 10 hours of gameplay, the players involved in the first 10 minutes, availability management and strimoprigodnost (YouTube, Twitch) can help.

Study grants

Study grants can be held twice during the entire period of development, with the maximum size of the tranche of up to $ 250 thousand Total half a million dollars -.

So good for an indie developer! But government money is applied quite obvious limitations. Cycle of the game – no more than 30 minutes, the ideal optimization for even the most old computers, full compliance with the requested parameters.

Funds museums

unexpected source, but this turns out to exist. Only here still tougher than with institutions. Money will not be issued for a flight of fancy, and not for his own pleasure and for the production of the product fits into the theme of a specific museum. Game Cycle – even shorter: typically on the order of five minutes.

In general, everything here is very clear. The temptation to get a $ 500 thousand. Is great, but you at all desire can not the money to do simulation gangster who sends the “product” of the border, have fun with strippers and bribes police. Such content is unlikely to be consistent with the spirit of at least some of the institution.

Vic Perry comes to the fact that if you want to make something of their own, have in fact remained only two ways:

a Kickstarter / Fig / Patreon

your upcoming product should attract thousands – and, ideally, and hundreds of thousands – of strangers on the Internet, so that “art for art’s sake” again will not work. The product must be at least minimally meet the spirit of the time, well, or pull the right strings of nostalgia. The ultimate goal of undertaking again unobtrusively become sales.

Only indie, only hardcore

Suppose you – an unrecognized genius, and want to do something in the present his abstracted from the pursuit of long dollar. Okay, you park on a normal day job and write your masterpiece alone 10 years – without a single extra penny, but with no restrictions. Be prepared for the fact that in the best case, it will be estimated medium-scale group of connoisseurs, as, say, Universe Sandbox.

But in the worst audience thinks your masterpiece yet another miscarriage Steam Greenlight (which itself had already departed this life), and after 3 and a half minutes to go over the green pastures.