GTA 6 with the release date revealed an insider

The expected GTA 6 project from the company Rockstar games disclosed a well-known insider who often turned out to be right in his game plums. The insider indicated the release dates of the game GTA VI, which were earlier than many fans were waiting for.

Well-known insider PSErebus shared new information about the game Grand theft auto videveloped by Rockstar. According to, an insider confirmed that the game GTA 6 is in active development for a new generation of gaming platforms, sales of which will start in the fall of 2023. In addition, PSErebus indicated the release dates of Grand Theft Auto 6, which developers are guided by. According to these data, the game does not have to wait too long, since the authors intend to release the game in the fall of 2023. GTA VI developers have chosen such a deadline so that millions of users have time to purchase new Xbox Series X and PS5 platforms.

Interestingly, many previously called the most diverse release dates for GTA 6. Some analysts expected the release in 2023-2021, while others believed that years would pass before the release of such a large game. In addition, until now, it has not been officially disclosed what exactly is happening with the development of GTA VI, and Rockstar itself has not yet announced the game. One way or another, the players are sure that the game is under development, but not everyone trusts insider data on the project’s release dates, since there were already many such leaks. Now fans need to wait for the official information about the game.

GTA V was first released in 2013, on the last generation of gaming platforms. Later, the game was also released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and so far the project remains one of the most popular, greatly overtaking the recent game Red Dead Redemption 2. According to, there were also rumors that developers plan to release GTA 6 to release another project of a smaller scale, for example, Bully 2. However, later there was information that the game, apparently, was canceled.