Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn It relies on the same things. The plot here you can not even take the head – it will be what to do with (re-read the previous paragraph).

The scene moved from sunny Greece and Egypt into a dark homemade steampunk universe. Some infernal evil individuals are trying to destroy the people, others – to subordinate their souls, people, respectively, they are resisting. Our hero also enslaved something croaked threat, but then left the body and flew away. And now he’s running for those who lead and organize the human resistance.

Destroy any supervillain, otbey demons attack on the village, kill a dozen very powerful enemies, bring the four crystals, save the missing student … no rest – only forward, only a victory! Sometimes there are situations of “moral choice”, but they are primitive and often offer right there on the spot, more than one answer, leaving the interlocutor will die or survive.

In the ten years that have passed since the release of the Titan Quest , projects of this genre learned to entertain anything apart from this. Recall unique companions of Diablo 3 , and the pawl of the fishing Torchlight 2 , chatty cutie Katarina from The Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingWhich can be sent to the city to sell junk, funny nonlinear quests and mini-games from the same … Remember and forget – none of this in Grim Dawn is not.

Grim Dawn game review

Design dungeons, of course, with the Diablo 3 does not compare.

Jack of all trades

And actually fans of the Titan Quest , molivshimsya on Grim Dawn since the announcement in 2010, the year, and none of this is not necessary. Developers, workers now under the roof of its own the Crate Entertainment’s , frankly rely on “old school” and strongly emphasize the ideological and gameplay similarities between the two games.

And it is evident in the main – in the role-playing system. All the same three basic characteristics (relatively speaking, strength, agility and magic), all the same need to choose a gender and appearance of the character, and all the same skill system (the so-called here the classes) at the start, which allows the second level take the first specialization and on the tenth (in the Titan Quest – eighth) – and add to it a second.

In the last game Crate Entertainment was eight specializations / schools – in Grim Dawn them until six. But considering how the project evolved and expanded in the “early access”, it is clearly not the limit. Classic warrior; occultist Relying on call all the demons and the black crows; demolition (Demolitionist), in Macedonian scorching of the two revolvers; Night Blade, the very name of which determines dearly love them with weapons; mystic, the owner of the powerful magical powers; shaman hurt beating two-handed weapons – each with its own style and skill set.

At the same skills and abilities within the same class variety. The same shaman pets, and more calls, and lightning rushes. And in conjunction with other specializations it all opens up a huge scope for literally did mathematical research and experiences to create a unique “build” character.

In addition, there are no class restrictions on the wearing of different equipment – as long as your strength, agility and magic meet the requirements (as in the Titan Quest , characteristics are improved by one point with each new level).

There is also a “crafting”, and the smiths, and the opportunity to improve things with different impurities, and then pull them out of a certain amount. And allowed to redistribute the already learned skill points – to this new kind of consumed resources, “glands”. Plus multiplayer and the ability to cut the monsters with your friends.

Grim Dawn game review

At the level of Hardcore character’s death is fatal.