Gravity Rush 2

If I were asked to describe the Gravity Rush 2 in one word, I would say that she was very “Japanese”. Distinctive approach shines through in the gameplay and visual design, and in the story. Below I will try to deal with these points in more detail, but warn you – if you do not like the game design of the rising sun, you can safely go by, watch out nerves.

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Gravity Rush 2 continues the story of the first part, which is still considered one of the main systems Celler PlayStation Vita. In the center is a girl named Kate, who with the help of cosmic cats Isle commands gravity. Once she was a defender of the floating city Heksevillya, but then it was sucked into a monstrous gravitational storm, and was cast not on the other side of the world, not even in a parallel dimension. Once again – a Japanese game.

The gameplay is built around manipulating gravity: Kat can walk on walls, quickly slide on any surface, throw objects, but the main thing – to fly.

Rather, Kat does not fly in the truest sense – it just assigns the “bottom” in any direction and sends itself in free fall. At any moment, she can hang in stasis bubble and pick a new course. It sounds quite awkward, but closer to the middle of the game you learn to maneuver instantly, without thinking, and just enjoy the flight.

It is difficult to think of another game with a similar freedom of movement. The closest comparison here – the game about the Spider-Man or of Prototype , but the brainchild of Japan Studio above them on the head – Cat runs, jumps, flies and glides in any direction and the plane.

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These screenshots are removed on the in-game camera.

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Incredible movement scheme is revealed thanks to the excellent level design. World of Gravity Rush 2 – is a collection of diverse, dissimilar floating cities and islands, in addition to the huge, divided into thematic areas of cities Heksevillya and Dzirga Para-Llao game offers several colorful “mines”, which in fact is a phantasmagoric parallel worlds.

At first, familiar from the demo Dzirga Para-Llao has not made much of an impression on me – yes, the bright South American town about the size of Novigrad from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – streets, umbrellas all cases, but so what if I have it from end to end flies in a couple of minutes?

After a couple of hours, I realized how very wrong. For the impenetrable veil of clouds from above and below, which I instinctively perceived as the boundary available “bubble”, were three large area, to which I just did not get – fly to him for a long time, but no “ferry” or loading screens is not provided, the city completely seamless.

Rather, areas progruzhat at the moment when you break through the thick clouds, and for obvious reasons, do not see anything around you – PlayStation 4 simply can not afford to render immediately all locations.

And after a dozen hours, I realized how this game is really huge. If you regularly do not have enough content in contemporary Western designs – Gravity Rush 2 is happy to accept you into their Herculean arms.

Usually games for reviews I walk for a couple – less three – days, is not a “platinum”, but at the end of the story, and a dozen other pobochek is enough. This time it took me twice as much, with sessions from 8 to 12 hours.

If you do not get distracted by minor jobs in the cities, the passage will take about 25 hours. I have the same game enslaved by as much as 46 – I feel myself then, as if in one gulp looked 110 anime series.

And it’s not so far from the truth – the story fits. Here and  suddenturns, and heroic prevozmoganiya and flat, but extremely colorful characters – all as expected.

A performance of optional quests quite descend for fillernye series.

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Side Mission – a separate issue, to work on them, the developers want to praise alone.

Each job is done, as they say, the soul – that Kate is dressed in a nurse and is an understudy on the set of absurd thriller, then suppresses the activity circle of students-satanistok, and then save the father from alcoholism at the request of his son.

There are very specific stealth mission, during which you can not use superpowers.

Kate does not know how to walk slowly and even to bend down, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that the guards are usually not very smart.

But to pass such tasks interesting and difficult, everything depends on the ideal route search.

Every citizen tells its own story, has a simple, but different from the other NPC character.