Gravity Rush 2

Though I must admit that the game world itself – perfect. He remembered. He has little to like. Floating in the air the island and aerolodki. Gravity storms and alien creatures.

Fictional language and monumental architecture of the city. Queen of gravity, Kate begins his second adventure in the village of Banga flying, where most of the population produces meager rations miner labor.

Once here from Heksevillya in gravitational storm heroine she lost her friend Raven (in the Russian version of it called Vrana) and cat haze. Without animal Kat can not control the attraction and therefore is in the slave.

The theme of social inequality, of superiority of some and the plight of others is a red line through the first two chapters.

We will see the class struggle, senseless cruelty on both sides, even find ourselves in front of a moral choice – but the story does not get a decent plot twists and closer to the third chapter will give way to dig into the past, Kate.

This is very disappointing, because, first of all, not many video games are able to stick to your theme to the end, and secondly, if the starting half does not require familiarity with the first part of the series, then to understand the intricacies of the second best fly on Heksevillyu on PS Vita or in the remake for the PS4.

In addition, the story is still served in the comics. It can be understood under the constraints of the original game, but powerful console, at least sometimes you want more advanced narrative format. And in general all the Gravity Rush 2 looks quite simply.

Characters designed in manga-style decorations look nice though, but do not differ diversity. The difference with a remake of the original felt, but from an important wants more exclusivity.

Dizzy with Success

Of course, with the flickering that occurs with a change of gravity, attention to detail recedes into the background. When Kate flies and hits the enemy in the air, the most important thing – do not get dizzy: the way it rapidly. The controls are simple enough, but in the missions where you have to follow a moving target, desperately lacks the ability to dramatically change the trajectory.

Run across the ceiling and walls are still interesting.

The developers tried to diversify the tasks of our Cat Lady. Numerous “Bring-Bring” with different variations remain, but now there is much more secretive missions of the passage, and side steps two times more than the basic. Stealth get different: somewhere it looks appropriate, but somewhere illogical and annoying. But the most sad obtain task mysterious tablets – they are usually limited to the destruction of enemies or collect jewelry. And in general the gameplay does not cause strong emotions. It seems that everything is done well, but something was missing.

Maybe, the combat system is too simple – there is only need to press one button and kicks it on the ground, in the air. Even with a couple of other styles – gravity weakens and reinforcing it – most of nested “widgets” does not really need. Although the technology is very well fit into the logic of gravity – all fights in the air become easier in light, moonlight style and powerful enemies to destroy much faster gain yupiterskim.

True, the “gadgets” exclusively for the plot, it is impossible to collect. Talismans, reinforcing Kate, can be mixed only in the middle of the third chapter, for maximum improvement faculties need too many crystals, and special techniques can be used once per hour. Opening of new mechanics just do not encourage!

And yet, perhaps the problem is thatGravity Rush 2 – the game is not complicated. Up until the last episodes if they perish, the problems of game design, not because of the opponents. For example, there is a mission where you have to stop flying in the rocket building. Before you start you openly say that attacking them directly is not necessary, and the only way to have time to catch all – beating of the shells, sacrificing himself. It is good that such a little, but there is a reverse situation – problems on dragging people or objects may cause a yawn, and the outcome of some missions begin to predict in advance.