Grand Theft Auto V appeared in the Xbox Game Pass library – review

Despite huge sales Grand theft auto vthat annually seem to only increase the pace, Rockstar added her hyper-successful action movie to the library Xbox game pass for Xbox One.

And in October, the project appeared in another service – PlayStation Now. True, he stayed there exactly until January 2, and the next day he was already added to the competing Xbox Game Pass. Unlike Sony, Microsoft rarely talks about the time it takes for titles to subscribe.
At the end of September 2019, GTA V circulation exceeded 115 million copies, with a huge part of the proceeds coming from microtransactions. GTA Online, so adding an action movie to the service libraries looks logical: this way you can increase the already huge audience by hooking it on multiplayer.
On December 12, a large-scale robbery appeared on-line – with such updates, developers keep the attention of players who keep coming back.