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Last fall on Google sued for advertising Stadia, where they promised 4K support at 60 FPS in all games on the platform.

The corporation, according to the case, “exaggerated the streaming quality and resolution rates many times over” before launching the platform in order to attract as many subscribers to the new product as possible. As a result, most games did not support 4K.

The authors of the 9to5Google edition note that Google really claimed that all games will be streamed in 4K at 60 FPS, however, closer to the launch of the platform, a clarification appeared – the games themselves can be rendered at a lower resolution, but the service will still issue a stream up to 4K.

The site’s journalists do not believe that Google will be successfully sued for the lack of 4K support in all games for Stadia – it all depends on the developers who themselves distribute how they use the cloud power.

It’s like trying to sue Netflix that it doesn’t have all 4K movies. You pay for a 4K option, and obviously Netflix is ​​capable of streaming in 4K, but the content itself may simply have its limitations.“.

9to5Google also notes that developers often distribute Stadia’s power in a strange way: the same Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Destiny 2 work in 1080p at 60 FPS, and Madden NFL 21 – in 4K at 60 FPS.

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