Google may develop its own ARM-based processors

Nikkei Asia reports that a new generation Chromebook can run on chips Google… According to the information received, the company is developing its own processors for laptops and tablets based on ARM. Apparently, the American tech giant has decided to adopt the experience of Apple, which released the M1 for Mac and iPad.

It is expected that such a chip will be based on the developments of Softbank, like most other mobile processors. The company will be able to customize the created microcircuit for itself by adding the necessary functions. This will reduce Google’s dependence on third-party vendors and allow control over production.

The tech giant recently announced its own mobile chip called Tensor, which is set to debut in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. To do this, Google has assembled a team of engineers from around the world, including attracting talent from Intel and Qualcomm. Perhaps they will be the ones who will work on the processor for the Chromebook.

According to Nikkei Asia, Google plans to release its own ARM-based processors in 2023. The first devices will appear later.

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