Good aftertaste and no DLC: Tales of Arise will be a fully completed game

Publisher Bandai namco held a new presentation on the upcoming role-playing game Tales of arise… Within its framework, the producer Yusuke Tomizawa answered a number of questions about the expected new product, commenting, in particular, the duration, plot details, as well as post-release support.

Below we have collected all the new Tales of Arise details for you.

  • The total time it takes to complete Tales of Arise will vary greatly from user to user, but the overall scale of the project is comparable to that of Tales of Berseria.
  • Tales of Arise is being created as a game with a clear start and end – the developers have no intention of releasing story additions and currently have no plans for direct sequels or prequels. The new universe has nothing to do with the worlds of previous installments in the Tales of franchise. The story will have a natural ending within the framework of its script.
  • The finale of Tales of Arise is written in such a way as to leave behind a “good aftertaste”. The general tone of the game promises to be quite gloomy, but the developers do not want to say what awaits the players in the end – a definitely bright ending or something less classic. You will receive the answer to this question after completing it on your own.

Recall that the worldwide premiere of Tales of Arise will take place on September 10 on all current PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC.

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