Gollum – Games for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC – review

In the latest issue of the magazine EDGEwhere the final review of Death Stranding is published, the first details are also presented. The lord of the rings: gollum – stealth adventure from Daedalic, creators of Deponia, State of Mind, The Long Journey Home.
Until today, we already knew that the game will be released in 2023, but the magazine confirmed the approximate list of platforms – PC and the “next-generation console”, that is, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The developers themselves describe their game as an adventure stealth action with “intriguing mechanics of a split personality” and extensive levels in Tolkien’s aesthetics, since the visual part of the game is created on the basis of the writer’s drawings.

The plot of the game begins with the fact that Gollum is kept in captivity in the fortress of Barad-dur, but the Daedalic team promises to show Middle-earth in all its glory, so the matter will not be limited to Mordor alone.

Fresh cover EDGE

In an interview with EDGE, one of the developers of the game, Martin Wilkes, also said that the Xbox Series X is rumored to have very fast flash memory, but for Gollum it’s not so important, since the project also goes to the PC, where you need to navigate and to owners of not the most powerful iron.

But in the future, new generation consoles will finally allow you to get beyond the corridors that are now used to download subsequent locations.

Apparently, after the advent of new consoles, this should be the standard – then players on the PC will acquire faster memory.