However, the authors Goliath themselves at first as if specially lead us by the nose. The game begins with the fact that the plane in which the protagonist is flying, slender young man by name Gromov, crashed on an unknown terrain. When he regained consciousness, Gromov finds himself with an ax in his hand somewhere in the woods and sees shining over his head the inscription: “Hold out until the arrival of reinforcements.”

He immediately offered to cut down trees, collect logs and branches, shoot for some birds and make a fire, where you can, for example, fry the mushrooms and turn branches into coal.

It seems that everything is clear – is now more say about the need for timely feed and water Gromov, put him to sleep and ensure that it is not caught ‘flu, fever, summer cholera, diphtheria, appendicitis, malaria and bronchitis “…

However, at this point it appears that the second surname Gromov seems Kulibin. He knows how to tinkering from improvised materials Mechanical Goliath in the cabin which our hero does not need to worry about food, sleep and sores.

All his thoughts – about how to get out of here and find a co-pilot. And it will have to explore the strange, broken into fragments world, get acquainted with its residents and creep into the confidence of the representatives of different factions.

Goliath game review

If you come to a new location, conditionally, on the tenth level, and monsters there will always be about the same level.

Lyutsefred and Goliath

That is, the game quickly turns from a one-sided “vyzhivalki” a full-fledged action / RPG, where in addition to an extensive system of “craft” is and “pumping”, and battles, and numerous quests and dialogues, and even humor interspersed with a moral choice .

Humor and a style of polumultyashnaya Goliath in the spirit of Borderlands , and reasonable selection of local population, with whom we have to deal Gromov.

Traveling between the fragments, he will meet bipedal foxes from the Forest of the brotherhood (a sort of local elves), pot-bellied steelmakers, led by their leader named Lyutsefred.

And get acquainted with the religious sect robot scientists who believe in the Creator mechanisms and, of course, immediately rank as such, and Gromov his Goliaths handmade.

We need to know the secret of each of the three factions and become his for them. And it will have to increase your reputation by performing multiple tasks – working undercover on a gang Ratman, where everyone feels the biggest and the main boss, fish out the potion recipe fox-addict, alcoholics, and to help local players to learn the language and even the trolls.

This, of course, not the level of parody South Park: The Stick of Truth , or, for example, of Penny Arcade Adventures , but in Goliath sometimes smile “suddenly touches your eye.”

Goliath game review

Exhibition of Economic Achievements …

Image – nothing. Reputation – everything! 

Same with a moral choice, and nonlinearity. Novosibirsk Whalebox Studio , of course, not BioWare and Obsidian , but she tries to … As a rule, simple solutions, without long branches, and are based on how we want to see Gromov. Either he does not pay attention to the woes of residents and behaves, to put it mildly, ugly, or vice versa.

For example, the Thunders meet steelworker whose brother got himself a little animals – a vile swamp monster, and now lives in seclusion.

During the quest, while we feed the creature that grows and consumes the host. And from then on, you decide to tell the truth or deception to pull out “quest giver” money – supposedly at the request of his brother.