GOG begins distributing Tower of Time – real-time story tactics – review

IN Gog started the third distribution of a free game as part of the New Year’s sale. After Postal 2 and Wasteland 2 Poles decided to give story tactics Tower of time. The promotion will last until 17:00 Moscow time on January 1.

The key feature of the project is real-time battles, which can either be slowed down or sometimes even stopped. It partially reminds Frozen synapsewhere players in real time watched decisions made in tactical mode.

But in Tower of Time, among other things, there are 7 classes of heroes, a huge number of types of opponents, the ability to build your own city and controlled gravity.

Tower of Time – the debut project of a young studio Event horizon. Its release took place in 2018 on the PC, and at the beginning of 2023 the game will reach the PS4, Xbox One, Switch. And next year the team will release its new project – Dark envoy. He will continue to develop the ideas of his predecessor, but will offer a much deeper role model.