GOD Factory: Wingmen

The path that Ninedots has had to follow to bring to life a project like GOD Factory: Wingmen has not been easy. The study has had to spend twice the funding platform Kickstarter and have the blessing of platform users Greenlight of Steam to reach our computers last Friday of the hand of Bandai Namco, which was responsible for the digital distribution of this space combat simulator for PC, MAC and Linux.

GOD Factory: Wingmen is a game that confronts two teams of up to four players who must fight to try to destroy the “Carrier” or the enemy cargo ship and of course, defend their own against enemy attacks. To achieve this goal, players from both sides will


have to collaborate with each other and choose the tactics that best suit them, depending on the type of ships they are using in the battle, as well as the enemy’s firepower. At the disposal of the players for this task there will be 4 races


Humans, Guantri, Arblos and Chorion) each with its own type of ships that have their own special abilities, their virtues and their defects. For example, we find that human ships are the fastest and most maneuverable, being ideal for rapid assaults or to defend quickly


from enemy attacks while, on the other hand, the Guantri ships are the most versatile in combat, being able to adapt to any situation depending also on the type of modifications that the pilot has made to the ship in question.

GoD Factory: Wingmen (PC) screenshot

GoD Factory: Wingmen (PC) screenshotGoD Factory: Wingmen (PC) screenshotGoD Factory: Wingmen (PC) screenshot

We are going to take advantage of the fact that we have told you about the versatility of the Guantri ships to bring to the fore one of the strongest points of


GOD Factory: Wingmen, which is the customization of each and every one of the different ships that we will have available as long game When starting our first game we can choose two of the four races and equip ourselves with the first level ships of the same and


later we can unlock the other two to increase the cast of ships available to enter the battle. Once we choose them we will have an amazing range of customization possibilities both visually, changing the colors of the parts of the ship, and playable level, choosing ammunition or a multitude of different parts from the cockpit to the energy cores passing by the wings, weapons, shields …


Thanks to this we can change the characteristics of our ship, trying to make it more balanced regardless of the race to which it belongs or further increasing the benefits and harms of it. To unlock all the parts that we have at our disposal, in addition to having to spend a handful of credits that we will be winning as we complete games, we will need to go up as pilots, in order to have access to pieces, weapons or ships more advanced with which to cause havoc between enemy forces.

Once we have clear which are our ships and we have gone through the workshop to customize them (in the first game few options we will have in addition to customize the colors) we can access the only available game mode (in addition to the tutorial), which also has only one map. This is the biggest handicap of the game, since for many this unique way may not justify t


he investment of 20 euros that is to get a copy. Already in the battle space we must choose one of our ships to face the enemy and leave the hangar to start the fight.


The first minutes controlling our ship will not be easy, especially if we use keyboard and mouse, and it is highly recommended that before facing the first battle we go through the tutorial and complete all the lessons of the same given that we will be of tremendous use in the battle.