Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure review

Collecting on Kickstarter the necessary amount of 50 thousand dollars, a team of three people from Romania, Stuck in attic, made the most unexpected parody of the genre of mystical detectives and the numerous heirs of Lovecraft – Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure.

True, I had to wait almost five months until the developers realized the mistake of machine translation into Russian and released a new corrected version of the game.

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure events take place in a quiet town where an ominous cult thrives. Private detective Don A.R. Hattype looking for the Necronomicon in this outback, while the local librarian, Buzz Curwan, accidentally finds a damned book walled up in the wall and turns his cat Kitty into a talking beast.

The three of them will have to solve the mystery of the sinister cult that lives in the dark corners of provincial Darkham and save the world from the impending catastrophe.

Using patterns specific to the horror genre and awkward gags with self-irony about Romanians, the authors give out a set of hot jokes and funny situations in a classic Point-and-Click adventure.

Using the mouse, you control one or more characters in a story, divided into seven chapters, each of which offers new locations or puzzles that require your full attention.

Unlike work LucasartGibbous tries to maintain normal logical connectives and combinations of objects without pixel hunting or the sequential combination of the most unexpected components with an unpredictable result.

Therefore, at the fifth hour, it begins to seem that the game is too simple against the background of classic adventures from the golden age of this genre.

Using a beautiful cartoon style and nice animation, the authors create a rich world with crazy cultists, voodoo priests and the inhabitants of gloomy Transylvania. Especially against this background, the talking cat Kitty stands out with her sarcastic comments, jokes and references to famous films and games.