Ghosts’ n Goblins

In this mobile edition that is completely faithful to the original, we will be again called to dress the proud Arthur, including underpants, through eight levels divided into several sections, all very different from each other. For those who have never play
ed, Ghosts’ n Goblins will command a runner, without fear, and we will have two of our elements that will weave the lines of our destiny: a launch weapon and an armor. During levels, and quite randomly, some enemies will drop new weapons that will have a different range and scope. From the torch to the launch daggers, the classic weapons are all, unchanged in their mode of use. To protect proud Arthur an armor that will lose the pieces according to the
inflicted hits (generally two before the death),The game and its levels are all the same for everyone in the first game release, adapted from Elite Systems for various platforms, NES, Super NES and Atari to name a few . The gameplay,
as stated in the opening, remained unchanged, faithful to the speed and mechanics of the movements to the original. What consecrated its success at that time, to make it a real phenomenon of costume for millions of players, was the high difficulty and a system that punished trem
endously and without appeal the inexperience. It is on the direct experience of the title that generated the Ghosts’ n Goblins: even to overcome a single level, it took tens and dozens of attempts, so as to have to memorize the patterns of each single enemy and every boss. This, in addition to the inability to save, made this title one of the games with the lowest percentage of users
who had finished it. And to overcome this problem (which at the time could have meant spending too many coins on the same level) Capcom in this mobile port has decided to meet those old and new players who will try it. In the main menu we will find, in addition to the Classic Mode in which you have the usual three screws, ending them starting from scratch, a Casual Mode. A name that is used randomly, which is almost like to skim the very casual gamer who does not have the courage to play as he played in the game room tried years ago.
This mode, therefore, allows a rescue at the end of each level, from which you can start again by starting a new game. Translated in other words, especially for the elderly, is that maybe it will be a good time to see those queue titles,
Ghosts' n Goblins
New controls, joys and sorrows
Without turning around, we are not afraid to say that porting by Capcom is to say the least sublime. The gaming experience is almost unchanged with respect to the 1985 version of the video format: the video format was respected at 4: 3, and even the 8-bit sound and music playback reproduced a deplorable love of one of the most famous titles of History.
But beyond the countless advantages that gaming and porting bring next, we can not be silent about what could compromise the gaming experience of those who want to seriously engage in this business: touch controls. During the various sections of the game we will need millimeter jumps and spear throws with perfect timing and unfortunately this will not always be possible. Despite being precise and responsive,the screen interface is disorganized and unworkable, succeeding in making Ghosts’ n Goblins even more difficult .
Although Capcom has made available various configurations available for the controls (we believe the Virtual Pad is the best of the proposed ones), Ghosts’ n Goblins is a game that requires nerve nerves and keypresses per millisecond, which with touch controls often it is practically impossible. Different scenarios for anyone in the possession of any Bluetooth mobile phone pad: With a physical device under your hands, gaming experience changes completely and gains in enjoyment and fun.