Get this ring: the review of La Terra di Mezzo: L’Ombra della Guerra

Talion and Celebrimbor, the two souls who share the same body halfway between life and death, return three years after La Terra di Mezzo: The Shadow of Mordor to finally make their revenge against Sauron.


The Dark Lord is gathering a huge army and soon his strength will be unstoppable: how can we counter it? Also creating an army, thanks to the persuasive power of the New Ring forged by our elven half, and conquering the fortresses to defend the various regions that make up the huge map of The Shadow of War, in what looks like the most exciting and innovative element of this sequel. Not the only one, of course


:the work done by Monolith Production for the new chapter of the series, resting on the solid foundation of the debut title, brings the whole experience to new levels of involvement, wealth and even variety , further emphasizing the most convincing aspects of the game and improving Cosmetic way, which this time should not be subject to the limits of a cross-gen project and can therefore give free rein to their ambitions.



Middle-earth: The Shadow of War is not lost too much in chatter during the early stages, because there are so many things to do, listed in a special menu that divides the missions according to the “customer”. If you have not played with the first episode, however, not bad: the mechanics also draw this time by hands with Batman: Arkham (and Assassin’s Creed, although to a lesser extent), sharing with Rocksteady productions most of the controls and philosophy Basic.


Without wanting to reveal too much of the large narrative compartment in support of the experience, even this time enhanced by an excellent dubbing in Italian that does not skimp names of a certain caliber, we can say that during the initial phase of the adventure we will find ourselves defending the doors of Minas Ithil, besieged by the orcs at the behest of Sauron, determined to seize the powerful Palantir.

Get this ring: the review of La Terra di Mezzo: L'Ombra della Guerra

Completed that part, the structure of La Terra di Mezzo: The Shadow of War will open literally before our eyes, allowing us to travel between various regions (including Cirith Ungol, Gorgoroth, Seregost, Nurnen) to complete missions related to mysterious entities


like Shalob and Carnan, the latter struggling with the awakening of a powerful Balrog, as well as the deadly assassin Eltariel, constantly looking for a way to eliminate the Nazgul. To this will be added many parallel missions, some of which are able to show almost perfectly the evolution of the Nemesis system and its many, even unexpected facets,


as well as a huge amount of secondary objectives between challenges to captains (all, as usual, characterized in a unique way and introduced by a few seconds of dialogue, to be rattled even in the middle of a furious battle), online feuds, revenge missions (a Orco killed a friend of ours? We can make him pay) and, above all, the part dedicated to sieges.

Get this ring: the review of La Terra di Mezzo: L'Ombra della Guerra


As mentioned, in The Middle-earth: The Shadow of War, our goal is to create an army to be opposed to that of Sauron. How? To bring the strongest orcs on our side we will have to defeat them in a duel and dominate them thanks to the power of the New Ring of Celebrimbor : at that point we can ask them to fight at our side, send them to rest


(or drive them away, if they are unpleasant …) , assign him a specific task during the attack on fortresses or extra tasks that can go from eliminating a goal to infiltration, things that the players of The Shadow of Mordor surely remember well.

Get this ring: the review of La Terra di Mezzo: L'Ombra della Guerra

Arrived to the point, we will move a portentous attack on the enemy bases, also characterized in a unique way both as regards the architectural aspect that the internal organization and the general ecosystem, randomly determined according to the tribes and the implications of the Nemesis system between betrayals, promotions and sudden reversals in the face.