Get ready to strain your gray cells: Nintendo has announced Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain for Switch

Company Nintendo announced a new brain training game Big Brain Academy… It is called Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain and will be released in the European region already December 3, 2022Russian translation announced

“Be smart in several categories of fun, age-appropriate games that challenge your reflexes and mental abilities. Thanks to Dr. ages and skills will be able to compete, testing their memory, ability to analyze, recognize and not only, “- says the description.

According to the official press release, the main gameplay of Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain consists of many fun exercises for the mind. They are divided into five categories to test the following abilities: recognition, memory, analysis, counting and imagination.

“A variety of fun exercises will provide a comprehensive workout for the brain. You can play alone, over a local network, where a player can join up to three other participants, and compete against smart and smart guys from all over the world, using data downloaded from the Internet of other players.”

In addition to multiplayer modes, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain has a lot to do without company. According to the developers, the solo mode (“Alone”) is suitable for daily workouts that will help hone your abilities and increase the Brain Power Index.

  • Playing by the company: Up to four players will be able to measure the gray matter in this mode, where they have to quickly complete tasks to earn the most points. As the level of difficulty increases from the simplest (“elementary”) to the most difficult (“super expert”), the tasks will also change. At the same time, each player has the opportunity to adjust the difficulty level for himself in order to equalize the chances. Therefore, children can even compete with their parents without fear that the game will be too unequal.
  • Workout: After being defeated in an intense multiplayer battle of wits, take your time to give up on your neurons. The training mode allows you to replay your favorite tasks to get high scores and earn rewards. This is a great way to improve your cognitive skills and increase your chance of triumph in the next multiplayer competition.
  • Test: In this mode, players are asked to complete a series of five tasks. Upon completion, the doctor will calculate your Brain Power Index. For regularly completing tasks, in-game coins are given, which can be used to unlock new costumes for your avatar.
  • Battle of the Spirits: You can even challenge the in-game lines – or, as they are called here, the Spirits – of your family, or connect to the network to fight the Spirits of your friends or random players from all over the world in the Spirit Clash mode.

The cost of the game in the Russian eShop will be 2,699 rubles… Pre-orders already open

By the end of 2022, Nintendo will also release games on Switch such as WarioWare: Get It Together!, Metroid dread, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp

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