Get Even

 The bomb exploded, the tragedy was consummated !, and now you live a hell looking for answers. What happened? Who organized the kidnapping? Why did not you arrive on time? Questions, doubts and a sense of guilt that Get Even explores intelligently based on a science fiction story that, in a way, has reminded me of one of the most outstanding ep


isodes of the television series Black Mirror . Without witnesses, or evidence in between, the only way to investigate the personal tragedy of Cole Black is to go directly into his mind, into his memories, to reconstruct the scene of a crime greater than what appears to simple you saw, but as it demonstrated the chapter All your history of the televising show of Charlie Brooker, all act has consequences.


Locked in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the protagonist of this adventure of action and puzzles in the first person will have to deal with the ghosts of his past facing, face to face, situations that he does not want to remember. All under the watchful eye of an enigmatic character called Red, who will be the one from the shadows to guide their steps until


they find the desired truth. A fantastic starting point for a title that, it is convenient to make it clear from the beginning, is more a narrative experiencethan a proper video game. Yes it’s correct. There are shootings, stealth, puzzles, exploration … b


ut they are facets of play in which you do not go too deep, leaving you with a bittersweet feeling. The ingredients are there, the recipe is unbeatable, but this work of the studio The Farm 51 does not finish filling the expectations. You enjoy it, because the story is at times exciting, even surprising, but it does not have the narrative force of other titles of the style.



Rewriting your past

You know that you failed, that the bomb exploded and … really little else, but it is enough for this psycho-thrillerto catch you in their networks with a high quality story whose greatest achievement is to make you participate in it at an e

motional level , because it deals with moral and philosophical issues that encourage debate. Your actions have consequences, the authors of Get Even warn the moment they start the adventure, and certainly, it is like that. You may not realize it
at first, or there may be too obvious answers, but at the end of the game, when all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, and they do so brilliantly, you understand that even the slightest action can alter the Memories of a lifetime And this is something that the video game portrays with great skill.


Get Even analysis

There are interesting puzzles, but less than you would expect. The protagonist’s mobile device is not much taken advantage of.

I do not want to go into details because it is an experience worth living as little as possible, but it is great to see how the emotions of the protagonist, how his refusal to explore certain memories, directly affect what you see on screen with scenarios that fal


l apart around you or, worse yet, dozens of mercenaries suddenly appear to protect the secrets of a lifetime as we saw in the film Origin of Christopher Nolan. Get Even is born from a fascinating plot premise, with enormous potential, but sometimes the work of The Farm 51 is left alone in that, in a great idea with a somewhat less outstanding execution. The action sequences, for example, they feel coarse, clumsy, and uninspired. Actually th


e game encourages you to complete your challenges without using force, because in this way you will keep intact the memories of the protagonist, but when there is no other and you engage in a shooting … well, it is not especially fun.


Get Even PC

Your actions have consequences, as well as the authors of Get Even let you know when you start the adventure

Having at our fingerti

ps a weapon capable of shooting through the corners thanks to a special viewfinder is another great detail, but which is unfortunately little used. Even worse. The ideal is to bet on stealth, avoid being detected, but it is not something that is hard worked despite, once again, good ideas. I love the detail of playing with memory failures to
eliminate barriers or create obstacles along the way, but either for certain errors in artificial intelligence or because, simply, are too simple challenges, avoid the furtive looks of enemies is not An experience as fun as you would expect. Of course, avo
iding these obstacles without sounding the alarms will make you feel great, and it will have positive consequences, but the problem is that Get Even does not encourage you to face this challenge.


Get Even

Get Even PC

Cole Black will end up knowing also the past of other characters through scenes of dreamlike character that have great strength in the narrative.

Better sensations transmit the puzzles , because they are ingenious, but also extremely scarce. We have a mobile phone that includes se


veral applications with which we can detect heat signals or tracks by ultraviolet light, and it is fantastic, but it takes little advantage over the nearly eight hoursthat can take to complete the adventure. I have come across some very interesting puzzles that really make you think, which I appreciate very much, but in the end it is impossible not to feel disappointed. There


are few challenges, and those you meet are not particularly complex, so you only have the story left. Enjoy the story and get caught by the remarkable staging of a video game capable of touching the fiber in very specific moments of the adventure.


I was really surprised how they fit all the pieces of the puzzle and, in general, I enjoyed a lot with the final stretch of the adventure. For a thousand details but in particular, for how the game involves you in the story. No less outstanding is the progression


of the protagonists , who feel like real people even when Get Even talks about a futuristic technology. You believe them, and you get to share some of their motivations, which I find extraordinary. And it is because of this kind of detail that I liked this wor


k of The Farm 51 so much. Sometimes the narrative loses strength and, certainly, the development of the action feels irregular; but there are such good ideas behind this work and it is so exciting that counts, that they are imperfections that you can ignore.