Ni No Kuni II, tried Kingdom Mode and Schermaglia

Hence, the need to accomplish as many possible secondary missions that will all move on the basis of certain content required by NPCs, which once satisfied you will be able to invoke in your kingdom as subjects.

It goes without saying that if the quantity is important, the quality is even more important: having a simple merchant will therefore be useful for purchasing and for better equipment, but to have a port or a person with you to create a boats will allow you to expand your radius of air, action and reach places that would otherwise remain unexplored.

A system that will push you to look for sub-quests that can best support you and help you grow your kingdom. Once you have everything in your place, however, do not you think it’s over here, because the neighbor’s grass is getting greener and in this case the best grass you have: this is why neighboring kingdoms will decide to come to you attack and attack your boundaries so that you can take advantage of a siege.

From here you enter the Schermaglia mode, which takes a bit of inspiration from Pikmin for the movement of the screen characters. In the shoes of Evan, who can never fight or touch an enemy, we will guide our troops to attack enemy gunnings, to anticipate their siege and send them back to their kingdom.


The map will then be covered by battlefields, with some outposts to contain and turrets to defend our advance: in the demo we had only two troops available, a red composed of armed ax warriors and a yellow one it was composed of archers. Using the dorsal keys, it was possible to move around the ornament of Evan, the two troops to have the warriors break in position and in the folding position behind our king, archers ready to hit the distance.

We were told that, as it was easy to guess, there will also be a third type of troop, blue, which will include armed warriors: the combat system is very simple and relies on the canonical triangle of paper, scissor, stone , with a troop that will always have the best on the second second of the weapons used.

Protected by this small army moves on the map both to defeat enemy troops and to defeat any defense tower: although it was a non-definitive build and the developers themselves, during the interview, have confirmed that they are still improving some of the elements of Kingdom Mode, the skirmish seemed to be too simple.

Our victory was quick and painless, as our incursion was peremptory, also supported by the special skills of our troops, with archers able to cure and give a boost to health and swordsman capable of loading enemy troops.

The movement system is very straightforward and easy to understand, so much so that we were immediately at ease, but it is to be said that at the end of our mission we found ourselves slightly discouraged when, before the total we knew how to end the assault.

From then on we noticed that behind our troops we had left behind an enemy soldier who in our incursions had survived the assault and was expecting to be defeated: we had to return to the beginning of the map to stretch it and get it, so, victory.

In short, a very basic strategic mode, which has not proved to be particularly profound, but which we trust can give more satisfaction in the next trials, when we will surely have to deal with more advanced and more aggressive kingdoms. Moreover, the curiosity of being able to field more troops, on our part, is high, so we can figure out how to exploit them all around Evan.

At the bottom of the moon We
also added that during the presentation we were shown a new kingdom and a new addicted character: Ni No Kuni II, however, still has a lot to show and the return to January 19, 2011, forced the development team to reveal some details so that the hype on the title would not be silenced. Evan’s journey, as is well-known, will lead us to cross several continents and a fairly expanded geography. In each area we will have a definite kingdom, for a total of four, run by kings and queens.

Evan is the king of the first of these, where our adventure begins, but a sovereign completely different from everyone else, as it is easy to guess that the crown has been on his head at eleven years. The second kingdom in which we will soon find ourselves, and of whom we must learn as soon as possible, is strongly inspired by Chinese culture, as we are shown by the development team, while the third is represented by moored boat, inside which we will find a village.

The most striking though, however, is certainly the fourth, which develops completely underwater, a completely new kingdom run by Nerea, the queen of Hydropolis, a very lazy and spoiled reverend who fortunately lets go by Leander, his counselor , called to mitigate the situation and make it as livable as possible. In defense of the kingdom we will find Brineskimmer, a guardian monster who defends