Get a top with a soulmate – Apex Legends will return the mode for two in honor of Valentine’s Day

Developers from Respawn entertainment announced the temporary return of the game mode for two to the royal battle Apex legends. Temporary mode “Apex for two” will be available February 11-18 in honor of the celebration Valentines day.

Players will be supported by themed cosmetic items, including the emblem of Valentine’s Day 2023, two new mascots in the form of Pathfinder and Nessie, as well as coloring “Straight into the heart“For a rifle”Long bow“And banner frame”Love for the game“who returned to the store from last year and are available at a discount.

In addition, in honor of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, players will also receive double experience for playing in pairs – up to 20,000 units per day.

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