George Martin finished work on Elden Ring many years ago – review addiction

Writer George Martin in an interview with WTTW News Chicago admitted that he had finished work on Elden ring a few years ago.

Video games are like movies – they take a long time to make.“.

According to Martin, the team FromSoftware asked the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” to come up with a world and mythology – this is very important for games in a fantasy setting, because the world itself becomes almost a character. Just like Tolkien’s Middle-earth or Howard’s Hyborian era.

The developers periodically show me monster designs, magic and other cool things. Production has been slow and the release is now announced for January. I’m as enthusiastic as everyone else“.

Elden Ring can be called the culmination of FromSoftware games over the past 12 years, with the release of Demon’s Souls… The developers admitted that the project could become part of the brand Dark souls, however, they did not want to limit themselves to the framework of the known universe and decided to create a completely new one.

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