Welcome to the show: Disney + showed the first trailer for the musical “Hamilton”

Streaming platform Disney + published the trailer for the musical “Hamilton“, which will be available exclusively from July 3 for subscribers to the service. This is not about a film adaptation, but about a high-quality recording of the production on stage and with the participation of the stars of the show.

The musical has been shown on Broadway since 2015, and it immediately became one of the main events of the music industry, having earned the recognition of critics and spectators. Hamilton won 11 awardsTony“award”Grammy“, and Pulitzer Prize as “Best Drama

The musical was based on the biography of one of the ideologists of the American Revolution and the first US Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. A feature of the production is a non-standard choice of songs: authors use such genres as rap, R’n’B and so on.

As it appears, Disney has high hopes for Hamilton. The fact is that last week lost the opportunity to apply for a free trial Disney + for seven days. However, the press service claims that the company no longer needs such shares in order to attract a solvent audience.

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