George Lucas wanted to combine LucasArts and Fallout authors

Founder Interplay and the current head of the studio InXile Entertainment Brian Fargo tweeted an old letter received from George Lucas. The author is in itStar wars“Thanks the developer for the copy sent Stonekeep (game from Interplay).

According to Fargo, then George Lucas was interested in merging Interplay with the gaming division of Lucasfilm.

“This was at the time when he was trying to convince me to combine Interplay with Lucasfilm Games and make me lead the division.”

Two years after the release of Stonekeep, Fargo, under the auspices of Interplay, gave birth to Fallout, one of the largest franchises, the continuation of which goes so far. It’s hard to imagine what could have happened if the studio had teamed up with Lucasfilm, whose gaming division called LucasArts released original adventure projects, such as the series Monkey island and Grim fandango.

Regarding the deal, in particular the fact why it never took place, Fargo says the following:

“The deal structure didn’t make sense, and besides, we could work on Star Wars, not Fallout or anything else.”

Most likely, this would have happened, because after 1995, when Interplay was negotiating with George Lucas, Star Wars games began to be released much more often.

Fargo and his InXile studio are currently working on Wasteland 3, which is due out on May 19, 2023. And although LucasArts is no longer involved in game development, Star Wars has taken a second wind in a recently released project from Respawn entertainment entitled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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