Gears of War 4

If there is no external enemy, there is always the enemy inside. Events Gears of War 3 died down 25 years ago. Locusts, and with it the unfortunate emulsion destroyed completely. But the price of victory was high, people on Sulfur is almost gone – pathetic hundreds of thousands of survivors.

No more countries, there is no dispute. People are finally united?

Opinion leaders of humanity rushed into the restoration of the state – the enemy hiding among their own, not otherwise. That is why the new government is the most severely tightening the screws.

Here you complete novice dictator. Curfew, the brutal suppression of any discontent party line, which can not be rejected: work, have children – restore the population of mankind! Freedom of movement of people restricted populations with impregnable perimeter walls. Leave the cities is strictly forbidden.

Even peaceful working robots new state has armed and pitched are obedient army.

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However, the developers outline the updated universe only in general terms. Details have to fish out the replicas of heroes scattered throughout the levels but notes posters on the walls.

Then a bunch of dormant characters, like the first minister of Jeanne, the new leader of people – they appear in the story, hinting at its importance, but it is active in the story is not affected.

At the same time it is already clear that the universe Gears of War 4 carefully thought out, but we still do not want to disclose all the cards – obviously big plans for the series (as evidenced by an open and final) developers.

Well, in the first Gears of War, we too little talked about the game world, and although there would be really interesting to delve into the clues and try to collect the full picture. Especially since it is very different from what we have seen in earlier games in the series.

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New developers and peace Gears of War see in a new way. the third part of the finale is not just peretryahnul universe of the game and practically restarted it. The Coalition took advantage of this and has drawn its own Sulfur, not like the one that was at Epic Games.

This fourth part and beautiful.

And so, some will hate it.

In Gears of War 4 is a place of bright colors and colorful humanoid robot. Battles with giant monsters riding on “anime” furs. Pastoral landscape with water meadows and the medieval castle architecture, strikingly different from the crude imperial style that we have seen in earlier games in the series.

Gloom, blood, guts and brutal clanging Lancers have not diminished. The Coalition mixed Epic Games ideas with their own, creating a brand new catchy style.

Design of Gears of War 4 and want to compare with Binary the Domain , and of Lost Odyssey(yes, even so), and Enslaved , and a host of other, dissimilar, it would seem, at each other’s games. Heck, at some point then you can even see the “lavkravtovschinu”! It’s amazing how all these elements harmoniously developed within the same project.

But we have to admit – not everyone will appreciate the designers ideas of The Coalition. Such a radical change is not possible to crank without losing the audience

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Cmyagchit angry disgruntled fans may change unless the plot is actively using the key characters of the previous parts. However, the main role still got a young guard, so get ready to get used to the role of Dzhey Di, son of Marcus, “my voice and say Jake Bender” Phoenix.

Together with his friend Affair protagonist deserted from the army and joined the outcasts, citizens prefer not to hide behind the walls of the government and to live free life. Among the rogue Dzhey Di found himself a girl. Her name is Kate, and she will also become a permanent member of our fighting group.

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Kate – just a cutie. And her stylish suit. We are looking forward to a lot of cosplay.

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Compared to the old team, Charisma heroes, of course, lacking. They seem to be funny guys, constantly and rapidly pereshuchivayutsya discuss all that they see, but as a person is revealed except Kate.

But what kind of man Dzhey Di – is unclear. Cases and did the same all the time behind the scenes.

But the focus is on the character of Kate is quite understandable. The plot of Gears of War 4 – this is her story. Basis rather banal: “My mom (dad, uncle, brother, cat – it does not matter) was kidnapped, and I have to save her.” And the closer we are to rescue her mother, the greater are our problems.

As a result, and he did not notice how one gets involved in a brawl is much more global than just rescue kidnapped relatives. Beyond that, all the characters are growing problems quite exciting to watch. Especially their adventures served in the spirit of the road movie – in one place our soldiers ever do not stay long.