Gears 5 clip to Evanescence music for $ 22.7 million – how much money game companies spent on advertising in the US in 2019

According to, the total cost of gaming companies on television advertising in the period from January 1 to December 8, 2019 in the United States amounted to $ 319.6 million. This is 14.68% less than what advertisers spent for the same period last year. Employees of the site note that the reason for the reduction in costs was a decrease in the number of ad units (by 27.84%) and television ad impressions (by 16.10%).

Despite cutting the budget by almost half (-45.51%), the PlayStation remains the number one brand in terms of annual advertising spending of $ 108.5 million. At the same time, spending on Xbox television ads has risen in 2019. They increased by a whopping 232.22% and amounted to approximately $ 100 million. This brand was the winner in terms of audience reach (more than 4.8 billion views, an increase of 186.73% year on year). Nintendo has more modest advertising costs (half as much as on the PlayStation and Xbox), the company spent just $ 46 million in 2019, but its videos were seen 3.07 billion times.

The most popular advertising in the gaming industry for 2019 belongs to the Xbox brand, it was also the most expensive: Microsoft spent about $ 22.7 million on a Gears 5 video to the music of Evanescence, which appeared on television in early September. The video was broadcast during SportsCenter (275 times), MLB Tonight (269) and MLB baseball (130). The total number of broadcasts was 2948 times.

The most expensive PlayStation brand video with costs of $ 18.8 million was PlayStation Now, which has been broadcast over two thousand times.

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