Gangs of mutant snowmen appear in Atom RPG – review

Russian studio Atomteam released holiday update to its post-apocalyptic role Atom RPG. It is dedicated to the winter holidays: now in the game you can admire the snowfall and decorated Christmas trees.

However, the Christmas tree must first be found. During the New Year holidays, this can be done in the Gorge of Trouble. She is surrounded by a gang of mutant snowmen. If you defeat them, it will be possible to get a unique thematic weapon and funny hats as trophies.

In addition to New Year’s innovations, the released update corrects a number of game errors and improves control with the joystick.

For opponents of the holiday there is a special button that disables the New Year’s aspects. After pressing it, the snowmen will evaporate with the Christmas tree. And “in-house” in-game event will end on January 2. Until this time, the game can be bought at a discount, for 350 rubles.