Game director The Last of Us spoke about the indie scene and praised Hideo Kojima for trying to shake the gaming industry

Former Game Director Naughty Dog Bruce Streley believes that games can perfectly convey the story of characters without firing as basic mechanics.

“Is it possible to create a game that is as interesting, exciting and complete as the story in Uncharted or The last of uswithout shooting? I think it’s possible, ”he says. “Again, you must have a certain concept … How can developers create a rich world that is conducive to the implementation of interesting game mechanics?”

This idea was shared by Bruce Streyli in the context of a conversation about human-narrative dissonance – a term that refers to a certain discrepancy between the narrative and the gameplay.

Streley began his career at Naughty Dog as a texture artist for Crash Team Racing, and then reached the game director Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In 2017, the developer left the studio after 18 years of work.

“The world must provide the player with interesting, exciting paths to explore – this is a big part of what the games are,” continues Streyli. “We must provide players with the opportunity to overcome obstacles, and key gameplay mechanics should fully contribute to this.”

In his speech, Streyli mentioned Hideo Kojimu as an example. He said the Japanese game designer shook the gaming industry, trying to move away from violence in games. In addition, Streley praised the studio Playdeadwhich creates great games without any shooting.

“Hideo Kojima really did something worthwhile for the industry when he tried to shake it a little. Indie projects are constantly doing this. I think that you will get the most complete impressions from the indie scene and AA games. ”

“Inside from Playdead is just a fantastic and very exciting thing that doesn’t include any shooting. I believe that the industry is changing, but more successful projects are needed. ”

Streyli notes that large corporations, creating large-budget games, pursue primarily profit-making; therefore, they rely on classical methods rather than the search for innovative solutions.

“Personally, as a player, I want to get something fresh,” says Streley. “I want something that feels different. In this case, we will spend more time with the game in order to get used to it, and the developers will not think about how to hook the player in the first ten minutes, and what to do next. ”

The Last of Us was released in 2013 on the PlayStation 3.

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