“Buy a PlayStation 5” – former Microsoft top manager Mike Ibarra decided not to get an Xbox Series X console

Former Corporate Vice President Xbox Mike Ibarrawho left Microsoft last fall, said he did not plan to buy a new generation console Xbox Series X. Instead, he is going to get Playstation 5 from Sony.

“[Куплю] PlayStation 5. I will play Xbox-exclusives on PC, “Ibarra replied to one of the fans.

Earlier, Ibarra, who calls himself “primarily a gamer,” has repeatedly opposed the so-called holivors – wars of supporters of different consoles unfolding in forums and social networks. In the spring of 2018, he supported God of War for the PlayStation 4, which caused dissatisfaction among some Xbox fans..

In a correspondence with users, Ibarra emphasized that he was proud of his work at Microsoft, where he spent two decades, and noted that there was nothing negative in his position on the Xbox Series X, since he will in any case remain in the Microsoft ecosystem – will play its exclusives by Xbox game pass on the PC. The top manager admitted that he always preferred a PC, but, for example, games from Corey Barlog of Sony Santa Monica there is not expected, so he can not do without buying a PlayStation 5.

Ibarra also called lagging user representations about success in the gaming business based on data on the number of consoles sold, indicating that today rates have risen and Microsoft is working to expand in different directions. It does not matter for the corporation where you will play its games.

“The main thing is that the user remains in the Xbox world,” Ibarra summed up.

Xbox World – Xbox consoles and PCs with the Xbox Game Pass catalog, and the upcoming xCloud cloud service.

Today Ibarra is one of the leaders Blizzard entertainment.

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