Game about a Russian Jew with a scene in Berlin in the 80s: An early map of the canceled game of Rhapsody was discovered in Mafia III

In 2016, shortly after the release of the action movie Mafia iiideveloper studio Hangar 13 was supposed to start creating her next project. By that time, the team had a difficult choice – to continueThe mafia“or focus on your own original game. And, according to the journal’s continued material Jason Schreierpublished in 2018 Hangar 13 chose to deal with her own IP.

Of course, today we are well aware that those plans were not destined to come true. Nevertheless, quite a lot is known about the nonexistent game. The project was codenamed “Rhapsody“and was an adventure game whose events were to unfold in Berlin in the 80s. The main character was a Russian Jew, who was recruited into a secret government organization, where he had to perform various dangerous tasks using technological devices and weapons. “Rhapsody“should have had a fairly serious tone and tell a gloomy story. But, Unfortunately, the development gradually began to undergo major changes, the authors significantly departed from the original concept and at some point the creation completely stopped.

It is unlikely that anyone would have remembered this game today, if not one interesting find. In a freshly reissued Mafia III: Definitive Edition Dataminers discovered a number of unused files that were missing from the original release. To the surprise of many, one of these files was an early version of a map prepared under “Rhapsody“which through simple fraud can be downloaded into Mafia iii and even explore some of its sections. The results of the experiment can be found in the video below.

The next full release of the team Hangar 13 should become a remake Mafia: Definitive Edition. What the studio will do next is unknown.

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