Galactic Junk League

In the universe of free-to-play games, it is increasingly difficult to find products that can hit the attention of the average player, with the risk of being in the middle of very similar titles that often and willingly prove to be free products only facade, being supported by pay-to-win gameplay mechanics. The game that we are going to describe today is very particular and could affect those who have more imagination and patience among you.
To infinity and beyond
Galactic Junk League was born as a “tactical sandbox builder” whose key feature is the ability to build the primitive space ship by giving it the look we most want.
The limitations of the construction mode are very few and leave an incredible freedom to the player to accomplish everything that goes with his mind:  the Star Trek Enteprise, a pirate ship or even a less desirable design, as a spacecraft Minion shape.
The important thing will be to master perfectly all the tools provided by the tool. Galactic Junk League, in these respects, was very similar to another free-to-play title currently on the market, Robocraft . We do not think this is the result of simple randomness:Pixel Federation, the team behind the development of the game, is clearly trying to attract a slice of weary user or was disappointed by the direct competitor.
Galactic Junk League
Naval battles
Our battle vessels will not remain a mere artistic attraction, because, after completing the creation, we will have the chance to go online in a 5 vs 5 battle in a classic deathmatch. So in addition to the aesthetic factor, we will also have to think about strategy: a big ship will have more defense and health, but it will have less energy and speed, the opposite will happen with those small, much faster.
Each type of ship has certain unique abilities, which will be important to understand to succeed in battle. Playing online will allow you to earn junk (spend money), spendable to improve the components of our ship. The poor population of the server, however, has often and willingly created matchmaking problems: very experienced people have been included in the game with other neophytic players, who have become simple prey to opponents without any hope of winning. The arrival of the title on Steam Early Access could solve this problem by expanding the pool of potential players.
We did not notice any particular limitations that would make it possible for the money to be released if it did not get some different skins for the ship and the ability to get more experience and junk after the battles : a particular one that could eventually make the difference the success of this title. As a niche category, it seemed appropriate for this developer’s choice to be able to fidelize their customers, making it feel important and encouraging it to reward it.