FX Soccer 2.0

There is no doubt that FX Soccer has not had the best of the beginnings. The product that was put on sale just over half a year ago, did not match the quality that users expect from those who have the courage to call themselves ” heir of PC Fútbol “.


The work of the users, accompanied by some corrections by the developers, could mitigate slightly the bad impression of the title … very far from the major referents of the genre, by a mixture of adverse factors and a sense of precipitate release.


Today we test FX Fútbol 2.0, the new version of this simulator ready to join us for the rest of the football season. Have they had enough time to correct the mistakes of the first delivery? Let’s go step by step.

The first thing will be to choose between the two possible game modes: Manager or Challenge. As happened with the version of last May, the first mode would be the most “traditional” with which to bring a team to success thanks to our successful decisions in charge.


The second one places us before a group of low category, with the aim of ascending, staying in the middle part of the table or avoiding the descent for the current season. The first of the news concerns the possibility of clubs to choose from, since next to the 3 divisions existing for the


Spanish League (equivalent to First Division, Second Division and Second Division B) are added the two main ones of other 4 European countries: Germany , France, Italy and England. Again, none of it with real names of teams or players.

FX Fútbol 2.0 (PC) screenshot

Once at the controls, FX Fútbol 2.0 returns to present an interface very similar to the classic Dinamic Multimedia , divided into 4 areas: Competitions, Tactics, Finance and Transfers. The first contains the different screens that will allow us to access all the statistics of the current competitions, whether leagues or tournaments, and the scores of the best players in the league in


different categories: scorers, assists, goalkeepers, MVP, .. We can also check the match calendar or previous results. Here we already find some contradictions,


due to the logic that is used to give the scores at the end of each game and the best player of the game … given that the best in each position will end up being part of the “Ideal Ideal”.

In our case, we have found that said “dream team” was made up of several members of our club, even though we were clearly in a bad way in the competition and there are clubs – and therefore, players – with much better performance than us .


This problem may be due to the fact that the occasions in which the award was received are counted, instead of being compared with the scores on the performance in the field that are awarded at the end of each match. Obviously, we are not faced with a ruling that


damages the general gameplay of the title, but it obtains that these statistics have no use at the time of using them to decide future signings or rivals to which we must take special account.

FX Fútbol 2.0 (PC) screenshot

We continue with the tactical options, similar to those of the game launched half a year ago. At this point, we must highlight two novelties:


The absence of Pro-Cards – that kind of cards that defined the profiles of each player – and the appearance of Strategies. On the first change, it is not very clear why it is due. Undoubtedly, the card system seemed to be introducing an original mechanic that has seldom been used in the genre and to which one could have taken much advantage. But, on the other hand,


the mechanics of the Strategies can be one of the most interesting contents in FX Fútbol 2.0 . These are moves or moves that we can develop, in order to be used in matches, and that can turn around an adverse result.

These strategies are prepared in the trainings with the Physical Trainer, being able to choose how we develop the 10 existing ones : Aggressive Defense, Clearing, Pressure, Defensive Possession, Out of Play, Game by the Bands, Passes to the Gap, Played Tests,


Triangular in Attack and Direct Attack The more time we dedicate to one of them, the players will have more chances to apply it successfully in the field.


This is only done if we decide to play the games, instead of using the result mode. In the lower part of the screen we will see the different existing strategies, together with a timer. From the moment we apply one of these tactics, the players will begin to do the right thing … and time will start to reduce.

FX Fútbol 2.0 (PC) screenshot