FX and MGM Television to remove Stephen King’s Carrie mini-series – review

how informs edition Colliderfilm company Fx and television division Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer working on another film adaptation of Stephen King. Moreover, over the next film adaptation of his first published novel, “Carrie“.

The story of a high school student who owns telekinesis has repeatedly hit the screens. In 1976, in the film of Brian de Palma, the role of Carrie was played by Sissy Spacek. The film was continuedCarrie 2: Rage”With Emily Burgl in the title role, which no one remembers today.

In 2002, David Carson shot another film adaptation with Angela Bettis in the title role. In 2013, a remake of the film, “Telekinesis“, Directed by Kimberly Pierce. In it, the role of Carrie was played by Chloe Moretz, and her mother Margaret – Julianne Moore. In addition, the musical “Carrie“Several times put on Broadway.

So far, work on the mini-series about Carrie is at an early stage, however, according to rumors, the white girl will not get the main role in it. In the image of Carrie, producers want to see a transgender or at least a representative of racial diversity. However, FX is in no hurry to confirm or deny this.