Fury Unleashed introduces Superhot and Crypt of the NecroDancer heroes – review addiction

Studio Awesome Games, creators of the platform roguelike Fury unleashed, released addon 1.7 with new game modes. We owe their appearance to the heroes of popular games Superhot and Crypt of the necrodancer: An unusual crossover adds them to the game.

In Crypt of the NecroDancer mode, we are given the role of Cadenza, the main character, armed with a reliable shovel and crossbow. And everything that she does is doomed to success only as long as she maintains a clear rhythm. The main bosses of the three levels are also subject to the musical rhythm.

The Superhot hero also retains his unique abilities: everything freezes while he stands still. However, this does not make life much easier, since he will die from the first blow. Fortunately, the combo system from Fury Unleashed allows him to acquire a shield with some luck.

In addition, update 1.7 adds a number of other improvements and fixes to Fury Unleashed. And in the near future the creators of the game promise the possibility of online co-op

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