The smell of asphalt

Bump. No, not here. Here. Still not the same. Then – here. Again, no? Are you joking. The last time I played at Full Throttle years, probably ten years ago. I can not remember it by heart! I can not even taking into account the fact that Full Throttle – very fleeting game.

Three hours – and the screen end credits run. If you do not get stuck firmly, though with contemporary lighting option active objects all become a little bit easier.

Review of Full Throttle Remastered
It was…

Review of Full Throttle Remastered
… and it was.

That’s that. I would like more, but Double Fine released another remaster, not a full-fledged remake … Maybe that’s even better: the original is always at hand, so that is something to spoil the new team Tima Sheyfera could hardly.

Yes, and duration of, in principle, normal for road adventures. Is so rapid that the wind whistling in the ears. If you are racing on the highway of federal significance.

Meet – Bin. Ben in a few days will turn 22. I mean, in this, the real world, because it Full Throttle debuted already in 1995. Heroes like Ben, in adventure games is not enough. In particular – is now. Heroes of the classics of the genre prefer lengthy dialogue, intricate manipulation, but Ben … Ben not.

Not for nothing because his list of teams besides the standard “look”, “talk” (and not only “to” talk “to the actual fact …) and” take “includes a very important option for bikers” kick. ”

Review of Full Throttle Remastered

So: Ben trouble. Whacked him with something on his head and hid it in a dumpster. His band of “Ferrets” rushing straight into a trap, and the Vice-President (voiced by Mark Hamill), the latter company producing motorcycles, plans to get rid of your boss and start producing soulless coffins on wheels. I mean, minivans, hovering above the ground. Horror.

And that Ben will have to deal with all this. Finals deceptively close, and the only way to it is obvious, but it did not go so easy. LucasArts does not fall to opostylevshih “pyatnashek” or slozhnosochinennogo “tree” combinations – “rubber chicken” – “a piece of cheese” (incidentally, this is the situation of almost the same age Full Throttle).

Here, everything is much more logical: there is a minefield, there is a box of toy rabbits, there is the old salesman-bore, which the box just will not give up, and the money from Ben, it seems, did not happen. All – on yourself!

Review of Full Throttle Remastered

In vain we, of course, that the talkative grandfather hurt. The Full Throttle talk something special do not have anyone. There is a girl Moe – a talented mechanic. Journalist Miranda, which has replicas of the 3.5 one – a quote from “Star Wars.” Tork father, without whose wise advice, we would be unlikely to survive in this cruel world … Perhaps, that’s all. Other types or villains here, or suitable only for testing new chainsaw.

Oh yes. If transience Ben adventure – it is an indisputable disadvantage that some of its components, such as “fighting” puzzle may well be someone like. But I personally episode in which it is necessary to wind circles in search of bikers with different types of weapons and equipment (bikers must thrash, weapons and equipment – to take away), never really liked it. Not in Full Throttle, or in Full Throttle Remastered.

In general, the contribution of Double Fine is difficult to somehow evaluate. I remember the reaction of some to remaster Grim Fandango: trash, lazy, Fu. Yes, we could have on the UE4 to alter, replace all textures and so on and so forth. By the Full Throttle also you can find fault with, especially if you do not appreciate the works of the artists who worked on the re-release.

But personally I like the opportunity to safely play in the great game LucasArts on modern consoles and PC. On a PC, and it has never been any problems, but the updated graph looks very cute, and “pixel” heroes surely scare away someone who could well become fans of Ben.

I suppose that all you could do much better, but the result I was quite satisfied: choosing between this reissue or anything, I tend to work Double Fine. The game looks much nicer modern adventure games such as Tel studio … but not the essence. But if the new image you do not like, then you can switch to the original one touch gamepad. Beauty? Beauty. Of course, that comes complete with remastered opportunity to listen to comments of the game creators. But there is a bad moment: once the PS4 version, closed with an error. Oh no no no.

Review of Full Throttle Remastered