Frozen State

Made Frozen State in Russia – and it is, let us say, immediately noticeable. The action takes place in the near future, when Earthlings to stop the alien infection that turns people into mutants and monsters arranged artificial ice age.

But in fact it seems that the events unfolding in the present, in a typical Russian province, – the terms of the snow, the gray boxes of prefabricated houses, garages, rusty cars. And empty and boring, and sad, and sick, and no one to shake his hand. And the name of the city where we are starting their ordeals appropriate – Arc-40.

In this desolate place promorzshem and try to survive three characters, choose the one that you have at the start – a physicist Maria, a bully and a bully Stas and military officer Ingvar.

They each have their pros and cons. Mary, for example, initially has a bonus to stealth skills, hearing and hacking, and Ingvar – Strength and armor. “Pumped” We skills for special tablets that can be found on the body of slain monsters, and in the recesses. Ten tablets – plus to any skill.

The plot, in spite of the choice of a hero, does not change. Yes and it is not really. There is only a vague desire to find parts to repair our car.

Yes, you can still communicate with the local AI and found that after a couple of months, the city and all life within a radius of fifty kilometers would be destroyed due to a nuclear explosion, and we need to find some time to download the bunker and the important research data. Where to look for it, where to get the parts – is unknown.

simulator homeless

Important in about survival games – the process itself. And then everything seems to be in place, even more than. All the time you will be hunting for wild boars and bears, chop wood, build fences, huts, shelters, barricades, build fires, cook them food, to heat stoves improvised.

And in general behave like a Russian bum – to collect dirty rags, empty bottles, cans, pasta packs, rummaging in bins and cabinets in abandoned houses. Of trash can be found tinkering items first and the second required, as well as weapons, first aid kits, cartridges …

The authors explicitly relied on the hardcore and the maximum realism. Away from the heat of the character begins to freeze and lose health points sources (also during movement between the areas of the city on the map), doors and windows in the houses need to be closed to make it a little warmer, and even to get a better night next to the fire.

The presence of the latter, as well as a pack of pasta, tea or buckwheat does not guarantee a hearty meal – will have to find the capacity in which it can be prepared. Water is also needed to extract from melted snow on the fire, and then another, you should disinfect it.

In addition to freezing the status of hero affects many more factors. And without reading a thick manual on the game, you will again and again to die, wondering why your character, skipping a few beats, constantly loses health, and that means it is the image of the stomach, flashing on the screen. And it turns out to be poisoned.

Therefore, all the time with a need to carry activated charcoal, towels and bandages that stop bleeding, tablets and other life-saving means of prolonging your life in this bleak snow-covered city. The main thing is to have enough space in your inventory, which by tradition is limited, forcing to look for additional bags and backpacks.

Grabs and other signs of realism. To open the door, you need to look for code locks, pull bars. Or you can simply chop some of them with an ax. Items are broken, and the batteries in the flashlight sit (without it you risk to be in the darkness).