Frostpunk gameplay entry for “Last Fall” published

Very soon, January 21, the Polish studio 11 bit will release a major addition to PC The last autumn to its post-apocalyptic strategy with elements of survival Frostpunk. And on the channel IGN There was a record of twelve minutes of gameplay with comments from developers.

“Last Fall” – a prequel to the events of the main Frostpunk campaign. In the world of supplementation, a global cooling has not yet happened, the world is still green and quite warm. But the ice is already gradually enveloping the planet, and players need to have time to build a steam generator that will save many lives.

In addition to the new story scenario, players will have access to new buildings, technologies and survival strategies. For success, it will be possible to introduce new laws. But the main thing is a deeper understanding of the world of Frostpunk and its history.

The Supplement “Last Autumn” is part of the seasonal subscription along with the already released DLC “Gorges“. By the end of the year, developers will release another “seasonal” addition, “Project TVADGYCGJR“. Details about it have not yet been announced.