French drama: the media called the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 “a living hell”, Michel Ansel accused them of lying

Last week it became known that the legend of the gaming industry Michelle Ansel leaves the company Ubisoft and the industry in general, completely changing the scope of its activities. At the same time, the developer left the post of senior creative director Beyond Good & Evil 2, assuring that now the project will be developed without his participation.

In response to such a major news event, the French edition Libération published a large-scale investigative article designed to shed light on the true reasons for leaving Ansel from the industry, as well as difficulties in the production process Beyond Good & Evil 2

So, the newspaper writes that for several years the development process Beyond Good & Evil 2 was a living hell… And the cause of all the difficulties was largely himself Ansel, known for a difficult character and far from ideal leadership qualities. The material clarifies that due to the inconsistency of the leader, many elements of the project were constantly subjected to countless edits and adjustments, which is why the team simply staggered in place, pursuing endlessly growing ambitions.

The data provided is based on conversations between journalists and employees who wished to remain anonymous Ubisoftwho allegedly found Ansel such a complex person that at some point the management limited the number of people who directly contact him, trying to avoid potential conflicts

“He could tell you that you are a real genius with bright ideas, and then at the next conference dunk his face in the mud, calling him complete shit, not doing anything useful, and then completely cut off contact with you for a whole month,” one of the sources shares …

It is curious that afterwards the whole story becomes somewhat more confusing, where different sources share very different information.… According to himself Ansel, he was not aware of how some of his team members treated him. The developer admits that creating ambitious projects is an incredibly difficult task, often entailing stress and high loads, which, in his opinion, is an inevitable situation in some situations.

It is reported that in August, about a month after major scandals in Ubisoftcaused by complaints of sexual harassment and inappropriate work environment within the company, against Ansel a separate investigation was initiated. Part of the developers Beyond Good & Evil 2 hoped that the running processes would help solve “problems with Ansel“, however, they were soon disappointed with the news from the management – no one is going to question the position of a game designer in the company, which he allegedly stated personally Yves Guillemot

However, September 18 Michelle Ansel reports all over the world that its paths with Ubisoft finally disagree, and now he will be engaged in completely different things. Both sides emphasize that parting takes place with maximum mutual respect and professionalism, about internal investigations and complaints from developers Beyond Good & Evil 2 not a word sounds

Later, in a comment to the resource Kotaku, representatives Ubisoft confirm the information that at the beginning of August there was indeed an internal investigation against Ansel, only now Yves Guillemot had nothing to do with him… During this period, the head of the company did not communicate with Ansel and his team, which obviously contradicts the material Libération

When active discussions of all current events flared up on the network, I decided to share my position personally Michelle Anselby leaving a large-scale post on the Instagram blog, where he named the article Libération complete lies.

The complete appeal looks like this:

“A common lie. They take a few people filled with anger and jealousy, and then they are allowed to speak for a hundred other people. So much hastened to publish the material so that it would be combined with the recent scandals about sexual harassment at Ubisoft. Are you serious? is the national newspaper ready to sink to this level? I am going to fight for the truth, because such accusations are a real shame. I have always tried my best to work on each of my projects, always treated my team with respect. Your accusations are lies.

1. About toxic leadership. To begin with, I did not lead anyone. I directed the team with my creative vision of what, how, and when to do it was up to the managers and producers to decide. In the production of such projects, it is in their hands that real power is concentrated. Why don’t journalists write about this?

2. Supposedly I am constantly changing my mind. This is a lie. For years I have conveyed the idea that the city we have created does not need to be redone. He spent hours explaining that the characters were already good, no need to touch them anymore. The same applies to other planets, other elements of the game. But sometimes other developers change this or that aspect of the project, even against my will. It is managers who must handle such situations.

3. You write that the 2017 demo was a hoax. Another lie. That build is well assembled, later it turned out to be the 2018 build. Refuting the text, I inform you that in the shown version of the game the correct version of loading assets was implemented, the locations had the correct study, the procedural generation was fully functional, there was even a working online. This is a true technological masterpiece.

The Libération article consists of lies spread by people who want to harm me and my projects. I will fight to refute every line of this article. I gave the journalists time to analyze their work and find the mistakes they made. Let’s see how they show themselves now. “

No further comments had been received from either side of the conflict at the time of publication of this material.

According to current data, right now production Beyond Good & Evil 2 goes on as usual. Recently, additional forces in the form of a team were brought into work on the game Ubisoft paris… If all goes according to plan, the next major presentation of the project should take place next year.

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