Free to play – the bane or blessing of video games?

Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. But you? When it comes about the video game, a definite answer to this question to almost impossible. But we will try to present two diametrically opposed points of view – a controversial phenomenon. There is a good concept – cash grab, it is an attempt to snatch the money come what may. Many believe that the free to play – this is a cash grab (sorry for the abundance of Anglicisms).

But not many know that the history of free games – the most noble origins. Back in 1993, the video game industry in the form in which we know it today, has not yet been formed. If someone had told the then semi-developers, that only in the promotion of some projects will go on hundreds of millions of dollars to those eyes popped climbed.

So, in the 93 th year of two young programmer – Dzhon Karmak and Dzhon Romero – decided to distribute its latest episodic hell of a shooter on the model. Most importantly: shareware within the first three episodes of Doom can be obtained free of charge, without any gimmicks. Think about it: no floor level, not a demo version and a full one-third of the game. Any gamer can assess Doom, not thinking about the money-back systems. I do not like it – well, okay. And if it was necessary to their liking, and you can support the id Software, acquiring two more episodes.

Of course, at the heart of all this lay-commerce – Doom at the time it was a real revolution, and the army of fans provided Carmack standing Ferrari fabulous money. id Software has ceased to be what today would be called indie-office, and became one of the first companies to work on the current model. But still, we must pay tribute to the developers: the first episode of the first Doom anyone and would not it make some super shotgun for just $ 9.99, without which 99.9% is impossible to kill all the enemies in the room with the red key.

The first signs of the danger of corrosion of the idea of ​​free games appeared almost simultaneously with Facebook.

The concept spanning browser games originated before the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg. Brauzerki but for the most part they were free, and there they are mainly to attract people to a particular site, where the audience could not help but notice hung directly next to the board advertising banners.

However, in 2007, the year in San Francisco, the company was founded with a bad name, reminiscent of the pure pirate disease occurs in filibusters during long raids due to a lack of vitamins. T

op managers Zynga came up with a brilliant idea: you can make a shareware game in the style of brauzerok (to attract kazual, whose name – Legion), but the content has to be several times more, and the most interesting to be paid to enclose the wall.

All this and more integrated into Facebook, in order to increase coverage. And there was a wildly popular FarmVille, and hundreds of developers wanted to repeat the financial success of scurvy (sorry, Zynga).

A staunch opponent of free to play easily – especially if it is motivated by the fact that he always turns to pay to win. But that’s the whole point, that this is not always happening. Of course, it is unlikely in the whole world syschetsya least one developer, aims to create the most complete game and distribute it to all free of charge. But some companies manage to promote highly competent financial models.

The most important examples – Team Fortress 2, League of Legends and Dota 2. Take the same TF2 – loading and registration on Steam is free, the same applies to the game itself. Avid free-to-pleyschik gets absolutely all the content – maps, weapons, classes, etc. Willfully least dozens, even hundreds of hours – no one reminds you of any purchase necessary.

But human psychology is connected at some point. If you liked this game, there is a desire to support the developer and buy well, at least a couple of notorious caps.

More truer psychological trigger – pride. Let’s say a player gained experience in TF2, and was constantly winning.

There is already a desire to be different from the faceless gray mass of newbies who have come into the game for a reason – to have fun for free. Well, to create unique images have needed an entire wardrobe of hats, which is worth a lot more than if only sharpened under the TF2 multiplayer sold for $ 20 – 40.

In exactly the same effect in all cosmetics Dota 2 and LoL. The fundamental rule of the free to play games – none of the purchased items for real money in-game does not violate the balance.

Here, of course, it must be understood as Dota, and LoL – eSports: Sword of any stooping (! 100 for everything, for only $ 15.99 for the shares – in a hurry) would automatically shut their way to the arena.

But the fact remains that in Russia and in other countries of the world there are tens of thousands of people around in the Dota 2 for thousands of hours without paying a cent.

There are also examples of what is called, on the verge of good and evil. The brightest of them – Hearthstone: Hayter and fans of this card game can argue about it endlessly. First they say that donaterskaya deck always wins, and the point in PvP exactly zero.

The latter argue – it is all about skill and competent strategist / sharpie almost always prevail over the slow-witted donaterom.

And all of the cards, to be patient, can be crafted himself, without spending a dime. Disputes – disputes, but if a minor relative of the oil and gas company’s top managers spend 30 thousand rubles on the deck, and the other newcomer will go just for the victory, we think, still get the first …

Summing up, I want to say that we should not blame the free to play all the deadly sins. Of course, behind this pseudo-altruistic façade can always hide carnivorous uhmylochkoy pay to win. However, two facts are indisputable. Firstly, in TF2, Dota 2 or Fruit Ninja, you can at least until blue in the face to play absolutely free, then there is nothing – this is a definite plus.

And secondly – and this is the most important thing! – free to play is the main tool for handling casual gamers to hardcore gamers. Played fragile mind weak clone of GTA on the tablet – and wanted to check out this GTA V, well, the list goes on. It is such a metamorphosis and industry needs more than a demand – more offers, that is exciting and quality games. Well, who is not going to like?