Free to Play Now: Fantasy Strike has become a freeplay

Available on Playstation 4, Switch, PC, Mac and Linux (Steam) fighting game Fantasy strike officially became shareware, developers from the studio said Sirlin Games… Users who have previously purchased the game will receive a set of bonus content, including 60 costumes.

In addition, two new playable characters Sirus Queens and General Onimaru, additional cosmetic items and animations for the entire fighter roster, and an optional subscription service called Fantasy + have been added to the game.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to find a way to maintain the competitiveness of Fantasy Strike that will appeal to and expand our current audience of players,” said Game Director David Searlin. “We believe that the move to shareware continues our mission to create a fighting game that removes the barrier to familiarity with the game, and also provides a great opportunity for those looking to get more features and support our work.”

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