Forza Motorsport 7

Given this amount of content and the lack of some at auction (Auction House, Forzathon and Leagues), then considered the embargo placed even one day after receiving the code, we will structure this review with the form of the review in progress, which will reach its definitive form when we are able to have all the elements necessary for our evaluation. At the time of writing the article, we are completing the second phase on six of the Force Driver Cup, or the one called Breakout.
Today, we will focus on the initial stages of our adventure or the Force Driver’s Cup: the main single player mode that goes into defining the different steps of our pilot career by introducing us to the game and its mechanics. Choosing the virtual avatar, we are called to participate in three different trials, to get acquainted with the different facets of the title. The tutorial tells us how there are classic speed races, racing on particular trolley vehicles (like truck and limousine) and others where the dynamic weather could change the charts from one moment to the next. Then we are asked to participate in an increasing number of maxi-competitions, which in turn include several championships (four and five races) and special trials,
From now on we are brought to attention all the progression dynamics of the game. This chapter also contains the classic level, which collects numerically the activities carried out in Forza Motorsport 7, and each time you go to the next one gives the player the choice of three prizes: money, a discounted car (not for free) and a new set of clothing. At the same time, as we come into possession of cars (buying them, finding them in the trimmings or winning them by leveling up) we are increasing the degree of the catalog, giving us access to increasingly rare cars, from level 1 up to 5.
Just think that the player must choose from four different categories of competitions right away, but there are also other ones that are blocked for the time being if they are still in the degree to which they belong to the cars they need to compete: demonstrating how, even a Going forward in the career, there will be room to go back and complete what we had to leave in the street before.
In the huge car list (which counts more than 700 vehicles), there are both cars to buy and cars to be unlocked with the special events above, or upgrading. There is a further way to find new cars, ie open prize pools with gambling credits, but which may also contain equipment and mod cards. The latter give a further level of depth to the game because before the race we can select three of them and access their credit modifiers. For example, with three + 100% active modifiers, you get 300% more of in-game credits, while aware that at the fifth use the card is destroyed.
All of these activities can be completed at the end of the race, or at the end of the game, directly from the race menu, so that the rhythm does not slow down and allow the player to do everything, taking advantage of the time spent on loading.
We’re playing the title on Windows 10 to try a larger fan of devices and check their ability to run on different systems. For the moment, we will not go into the technical details unless we have confirmed the good eye in the various tests on circuits and vehicles, but instead we recommend arming a good HDD or better an SSD right away because the size of the ASSETS and this load management can kneel your configuration.

As far as Drivatar and IA are concerned, we finally feel at home with a remarkable behavior of the adversaries and who immediately gave us the feeling of having a real race.