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Company Microsoft announced that the list of “hate symbols” has been replenished with the flag of the Confederation. He was put on a par with the swastika, SS runes, wolf hook, symbols of the “black sun” and “rising sun” and other emblems.

Official Game Series Account Forza announced that now the use of the flag of the confederation in the design of liveries of cars or motorcycles in any form and under any circumstances will be regarded as an improper image. All such attempts will be punished with a ban.

At the same time, adding a new “hate symbol” will not be limited to the Forza series. The flag of the Confederation, or what can be taken for it, is now not allowed to be used also in avatars and profile pictures Xbox. In case of violation, players will be able to lose their entire account with all purchased games.

Special flags of the Confederate States of America appeared during the Civil War, in the 1860s. They looked different, but the most famous and popular today is the red panel with a blue cross and fifteen stars.

In 2015, a survey was conducted in the United States, and 57% of Americans claimed that the flag of the Confederation did not symbolize racism, but the pride of the South. But even then, 75% of African Americans, especially from the southern states, did not agree with them.

Not so long ago, the flag of the Confederation was banned from use in any series of races NASCAR.

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