Except for a few rare exceptions, the history of PC football simulations was not particularly glorious. Even by the highest exponents of this kind, FIFA and PES, over the years there have been numerous times when this platform has been snubbed for the benefit of the consoles. 


Clearly dictated choices from the market numbers, which forced PC players to often find themselves faced with castrated editions, reduced in content and playability or with a lower technical level than desirable on such hardware. Despite this, for the sick PC players every year the hope is still to live at least on a simulation on their favorite platform.

Fifa 17 release date

FIFA 17 officially launches in North America on Tuesday, September 27 and releases fifa 17 xbox one,fifa 17 ps4, fifa 17 pc, fifa 17 xbox 360 and fifa 17 playStation 3. The game hits store shelves in Europe and the rest of the World on Thursday, September 29.


After being largely dedicated to the versions of FIFA 17 for all the consoles around , we felt it was therefore right to turn our attention to its computer edition.

The PC version of FIFA 17 was also promoted with full marks, fully in line with expectations!


Fortunately, you're there

We say it right away so that whoever is reading this article can breathe a sigh of relief: the PC version of FIFA 17 is 99.9 percent equal to those of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


 To make it different are just a few small items, which will probably be a few, because we are really talking about a product almost identical to what we have described in our review of fifa 17 game.



In such a situation, we will avoid to dwell on the repetition of what has been said, inviting you to read the article just linked to all the details of the case. Here it is enough to know that in FIFA 17 price for PC is included the new mode Il Viaggio, dedicated to the promise Alex Hunter, absent in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.


There are also all the news concerning the fifa 17 ultimate team, but in case you want to know more about the latter we refer you to our special a few days ago. What has been said for the modalities also applies to the new features in the gameplay, all present starting from the new management of set pieces.


There is also the now famous Pushback Technology, which allows you to defend the ball at 360 ° with a lot of thrusts and elbow movements. Pad in hand, the gaming experience in front of the PC monitor is therefore exactly the same as compared to what can be obtained in front of the TV to which a console is connected.



The main difference between the PC version of FIFA 17 and the Xbox One that we have already tested is the absolute absence of drops in the number of frames per second. In reality, even on consoles this happens quite rarely: only in certain stages and only after certain conditions that occur during an attack action.