The experience of playing the title Epic Games is divided between the need to gather resources for the most varied reasons (many, as we will see), and to build defensive fortresses to defend against the attack of the Abietti who will arrive at night to try to massacre our heroes.


All with a simple and effective third-person shooter.
The narrative pretext is simple: 98% of the world’s population has disappeared into a non-defined Storm, and it is up to us to find survivors and save them. In doing so we should come up with creatures (of various types and style featuresLeft 4 Dead ), who have the trouble to teleport around the world and annoy humans.

The game is subdivided into missions, which always provide an initial exploration map of resources searching for resources (with hunt for secret resources and survivors to save), and a final stage where you need to defend a target by attacking enemies.


The first painful note is precisely its cyclic repetition. Of course, level design helps to reduce the risk, and the targets work differently (sometimes require more assaults, or use resources to activate various machines or engines) but in the end there is no distinction from the usual pattern of situations and objectives: resource collection, exploration, assault defense. Similarly toMinecraft , in Fortnite you can destroy almost everything, including cars and homes.

Each element of the game world provides different resources, which can be reinvested with a classic crafting system to build a lot of beautiful things.

Weapons and bullets; elements for building floors, walls and ceilings (between metal, wood and stone, each with different resistances); traps to be placed inside your building; healing objects. About crafting there are a couple of notes that did not sound too good during my Fortnite trial. As mentioned, it is possible to craft bullets (or simply find them around the map), and at the same time the created weapons have more or less limited durability that leads to destruction over time.


Now, in a game where I shoot, and even a lot, I find that these solutions are honestly unpretentious. The need for shortage of bullets is crucial, but the resources required to craft them when they are exhausted are high, so it is more frustrating than the “thrill” of resource research the engine of this part of the game. Instead of destroying firearms, I just can not understand them.

To create the most advanced fire guns, very rare resources are required, and to see them destroy just for … you do not know which playfulness is not something to tame the garments of joy.


Interior design and zombie
If there is little to add to the resource collection, compared to what has not been seen in years and years of similar productions, because we are always on the part of “picking a pile and destroying anything you see”, part of the building is well integrated into Fortnite .

The interface is not immediately intuitive, it should be said, and it takes a half and a half to gain confidence with the control system.

With a key you can switch from the action mode (the normal one, where you shoot and everything else) to the construction mode, in which you can divide between the construction of walls, floors (which point upwards become ceilings), stairs, trapezoidal elements that can act as speakers or roofs, and finally traps.The system works well when assimilated, and moves easily from the shooting stages to the building without having to slow down the game action too much.

Likewise, there is much freedom of construction, although I find it difficult to see fortified elaborations such as those of promotional material, because simply the practicality of the defense will take over the aesthetics. However, lovers of beautiful design will have the opportunity to vent out properly.