Forbes: The number of players in Destiny 2 on Google Stadia has more than halved since the launch of the service

Despite the fact that engineers Google stadia gradually correct errors made at the time of launching the streaming game service, the situation as a whole remains rather deplorable. Journalist Forbes Paul Tassi with interest follows the development of the platform, and in response receives only silence. Silence on the part of the company, which for many months has not conducted new broadcasts of Stadia Connect, and also does not make a significant announcement at the Game Awards.

“It’s hard to understand how many people are currently playing Stadia,” writes Tassi. “However, we have one metric that we can use to at least measure the interest of users in the service – this is the statistics of the Destiny 2 game base.”

Destiny 2 is exactly the game that was launched along with the service. Moreover, it can be regarded as the flagship of Stadia. The project is provided free of charge when purchasing a Pro subscription (all current Stadia users automatically become Pro-subscribers), and is also one of those rare releases that use cross-save, that is, all created Destiny 2 characters can be used on any friendly Stadia device.

Unfortunately, if we track the so-called Destiny 2 player population, then we realize that the interest of users in the version of the game for Stadia is dying away.

The complete list of players in Destiny 2 on Stadia looks something like this:

For comparison, the results for all platforms on November 26, 2019, about a week after the launch of Stadia:

  • PC: 494,000
  • PS4: 454,000
  • Xbox: 331,000
  • Stadia: 19,400

And yesterday, about a month after the launch of Stadia:

  • PC: 437,000
  • PS4: 435,000
  • Xbox: 313,000
  • Stadia: 8,020

As for other multi-user projects, on the platform they are essentially dead.

The launch of Stadia in the first 14 countries of the world took place on November 19, 2019. In Russia, the Google streaming service is officially unavailable.

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