For Honor

Let’s understand once the basic question: For Honor – a network action in the medieval style. Keyword – “network”. It is for online battles game was conceived and despite the existence of other options – such as fighting with bots or scene mode – single player, she did not. The plot is really there, even the cut scenes are present, but all the gameplay in story mode, in fact, repeats the one-to-one multiplayer game, so take it (the story) except as a tutorial for the main game (Online) not worth it.

We think that such entry is sufficient to allow more scene mode nowhere in the article does not mention.

So, For Honor – is, on the one hand, another online game about the struggle for the redistribution of the three factions of the territories. Knights, Vikings and Samurai are fighting with each other to grab yourself as much ground as possible. Each player can join any faction, which, however, does not prevent him continue to choose any character: that is, being a member of the faction of knights and fighting for them, can thus play a Viking, or a samurai. Well, something like that, when the Brazilian, say, football players play in the Russian team.


Three factions are fighting for territory

For Honor what is different from the heaps of other online games with fractions? First of all – a medieval style and an emphasis on melee combat (shooting from the wall of guns give but little). Already only for this game, you can put all the possible good grades – well, really, how much can be released online shooters? Of Halo , Splatoon, Doom , Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch , Battlefield, of Call Of Duty , Titanfall – and this is not an exhaustive list. Well, one of them can boast of originality? Unless, Halo, Splatoon, well, a little bit, Titanfall. Previously, it could be said about the Battlefield, but, alas, not now. Why do we have so many similar online shooters?

So, in the For Honor no rapid races in search of cool guns, there vertiginous jumps, and you never will not be here to inquire: “Well, who to me was something ?!”. By the middle of any battle you will know all of his enemies and allies “in the face” (in quotes because it is something people in the game and not be seen, but there are a lot of different hats) and recognize them from afar.

Accordingly, large-scale battles, too, is not here. The largest mass slaughter – capture mode (need to capture and hold the key point), which converge to 4 of 4 players plus AI-soldiers – something like pawns. There are many, they are weak, they are easily and often respawn, but they do little to help in the battle, well, create a feeling of the crowd for those who are numerically small battles seem to be boring.

But the most interesting, as it seems, fighting in the For Honor – duel 1-on-1 and 2-by-2. Especially 2-by-2! They reveal the full potential of the gameplay – after all, it was in the battles of 2-by-2 you have to, on the one hand, a lot of thinking, and on the other – to use all his skill.


This game mode we liked the most

That’s such a regime would like to tell us more. So the battle 2-by-2 takes place in several rounds – up to 5. The goal – to win in three rounds. Winning the round is scored, if your team left alive at least one character, and at the team of rivals – none. Each round is a struggle characters four – two on each side. You appear in front of one of the enemies – between you m 50. Accordingly, your ally in the round start time standing in front of another enemy somewhere nearby.

What can you do? You can run to meet the enemy and fight with him, remain stand still, or even run a search for an ally – as a rule, he fights with his opponent somewhere around the corner. Thus, the two duel in one mash-up of the four contenders can be easily converted.

In any case, often fighting rounds of 2-by-2 end medley of three rivals – when one of the characters defeated, won his hero runs to his ally and helps to finish off the remaining enemy.