For a World of Warcraft subscription, you get a Sapphire Firelight and a demon in a ball – Igromania

Blizzard announced a new subscriber promotion World of warcraft… Now those who bought the game time for six months at the earliest, no earlier than February 2, or buy it during the action, will receive two gifts at once. True, it is impossible to use them at the same time.

Players in the modern version of World of Warcraft will be able to ascend to the skies on a new mount, Sapphire Firelight. It is a rideable griffin with a unique and colorful design. This mount is not available in classic World of Warcraft.

On the contrary, those who have already traveled to Outland in version Burning crusade classicwill be able to communicate with the Fel Boss trapped in the Scrying Ball. The demon in the ball gives a random answer to the question asked. The current gift is a copy of the trophy from the World of Warcraft collectible card game with one difference: the toy is not available in the modern version.

Those not planning to pay for a subscription can buy Sapphire Firebloom from the Blizzard Shop. It is impossible to get the toy “The demon in the ball” in any other way.

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