Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018, analysis

Football Manager is characterized by managing such a huge database as its list of options and tasks to perform. Football madmen


have their appointment secured every year with the Sports Interactive franchise, whose title is perfecting an absolutely addictive formula.


Every amateur has crossed his mind to step on the turf of a professional stadium, but also sit on the bench, give orders, translate their game ideas, take the voice in the offices, discover and train talents, take the


team our city to the top … everything can be achieved virtually with this simulator,adapting to our tastes the tasks we want to take care of and

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those we prefer to delegate to other employees as we feel more or less overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done. 

Any connoisseur of the saga will feel at home at the first contact: creation of the manager, selection of the favorite team, familiar game modes, menu in complete silence and similar distribution of all the elements, with that taskbar on the left so feature,


notification icons and options at the top, and important content in the center of the screen. Once accommodated, it is necessary to


discover the novelties included in this edition which, in addition to numerous, are quite notorious in many cases. 

Football Manager 2018 (PC) screenshot

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One of the main attractions of the game is the ability to capture our idea of ​​football on the field, so the tactical options seem like a primordial


element. In practice, most of the things we can do when arranging our drawing, alignment and distribution of tasks is very similar to what we are used to in previous deliveries, but we have a series of important novelties that have a certain impact on our way of working. In the first place, there are some new positions that further


expand the precision with which we can assign tasks to the player , but more important is the possibility of dividing the scheme of the playing field into boxes that allow us to have direct visual information about which areas of the game. field we are occupying better or worse.

In addition, another thing that always affects the decisions of a good coach is how well they congenien concrete players, forming partnership


s that are understood perfectly on the lawn. We are used to being guided by individual evaluations and, although we can appreciate that a player hits more with one game mode than with another, having before us an assessment of what each one


contributes when one or another partner gives us a definitive guide on which decisions are more likely to prosper and, also, what changes can improve a player’s performance. In fact, we will have clear data about facets of the game that we take better or worse today.

Football Manager 2018 (PC) screenshot

But the work of a technical director does not end on the bench: managing a wardrobe can be equally important, especially when the quality of the players speaks for itself on the grass. The meetings with the various employees are a constant in the saga, as


well as the technical and moral talks on game days (to which we add, in this 2018, a talk on tactical issues before going to the matches, in which we review the slogans and concepts tested , and that the more connection we gain with the template becomes more important).

On the other hand, now we are exposed more obviously than ever the degree of comfort and happiness of each player, with various data such as their opinion on our role in the team, more reactions to our comments at press


conferences or the chemistry between a specific group of footballers, well-differentiated clans can be formed within the locker room,


which implies that some may take ill treatment to some of them, among other things. It is also curious to see how the personality of a single member affects the entire staff, it is important to take care of the influence that this


can have (for example, a player with a lot of personality, cheerful and very sociable will make the group more likely to be happy and united).


The clarity with which these things are shown and the situations that arise from it, such as questions from journalists or talks for new reasons, mainly, make immersion better than ever.